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Royal Ruby 1915 Models


The smallest and largest of the Royal Ruby range. On the left the two-stroke and right the 6 h.p. twin three-speed machine.


A Comprehensive Range including Lightweights and Heavyweights.

THE manufacturers of the Royal Ruby motor cycles have a comprehensive range of lightweights, both two- stroke and four-stroke, for the coming year. In addition, 3½ h.p. and 6 h.p. models will form an important part of the programme, but in view of the present interest in light, low-powered machines, and the choice of type offered by the Royal Ruby Cycle Co., we shall confine our remarks mainly to these types.

First of all, the simplest and cheapest Ruby lightweight is the 2½ h.p. two-stroke, which, with single gear and belt drive, sells at 25 guineas. The engine is a Villiers 70 mm. x 70 mm. = 269 c.c. The carburettor is an Amac Special, and lubrication is from a separate chamber in the tank, through a Best and Lloyd sight drip lubricator, and through the carburetter to the engine. Moseley 26in. x 2in. rubber studded tyres are the standard fitting.

A similar model is listed with a four-stroke J. A. P. engine of 70 mm. x 64 mm. (246 c.c.) It is fitted with an adjustable pulley, and the magneto is gear driven. Both the foregoing can be fitted with Albion two-speed counter-shaft gear or the Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub gear.

Realising the popularity of the pastime among the weaker sex, there is a lady's edition of the Royal Ruby lightweight. This is fitted with the Villiers two-stroke engine, and, with the exception of the frame and special guard arrangements the general specification is the same as for the preceding models.

Further, there are de luxe models of both the two-stroke and four-stroke lightweights. The engines are the same, i.e., Villiers and J. A. P. respectively, but the regular equipment includes Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub, and the general specification is of a higher order than the standard models, Roman rims being included as a standard fitting.

A J.A.P. engine (85½ mm. x 85 mm.) is fitted to the Royal Ruby 3½ h.p. standard touring mount. The engine is one of the latest J.A.P. productions, it being fitted with a new type of timing gear, adjustable tappets, internal exhaust valve lifter, and decompressor. In addition the power unit includes the J. A. P. adjustable pulley. The specification is attractive, including, as it does, Saxon or Druid forks, B. and B. carburetter, Dunlop 7/8in. belt, and Brooks saddle. The price of fifty-four guineas includes Sturmey-Archer three-speed and free engine hub. This model is also supplied with a countershaft drive, in which case the gear is the maker's own three-speeder.

Two twin-cylinder machines are also listed, these being J.A.P. engined. The 6 h.p. is 76 mm. x 85 mm., and the 8 h.p. 85½ mm. x 85 mm. The drive is by combined chain and belt, the gear being the Royal Ruby three-speed with free engine and kick starter.

The 3½ h.p. and twin cylinder machines are fitted with back guards provided with easily detachable fitments. These enable a mudguard to be taken out completely with the carrier by the removal of four set pins.

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