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Based in Elche Alicante, Miguel Santonja is best known as the manufacturer of Setter. He also built RMH motorcycles using 122 and 197cc Hispano Villiers engines for Rafael Mira e Hijos, the distributor of the brand located at José Antonio Avenue in Valencia. Santonja supplied engines for the first models of the Ducson.

The first machines were Santonja 55cc bicycle attachment engines of 1951, and these were followed by complete motorcycles with Setter engines of 45cc, 49cc, 60cc, 74cc and 125cc.

The 74cc machine in particular was very popular on the racetrack, and achieved numerous laurels in the hands of privateers and the factory team.

Motorcycle production ceased at the end of the 60s and the factory turned to building machinery for the footwear industry.

N.B. The reason for the name change to Setter is explained on, which has a bit of a chuckle about it.

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