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Spanish Makes (R)

Notes on some of the rarer Spanish marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. For a more complete listing visit the Spanish Index.


Reddis 1952-1973

Manufactured in Mataró, Maresme, 1953-1955, these motorcycles were powered by a 175cc engine built in-house.

Reina 1951-1957

Manufactured by Manuel Peix from 1956 to 1960, the Rekord had previously been marketed under the Pony marque.
The motorcycles were powered by Gnome & Rhône 125cc and 175cc two-stroke engines.

Rex 1953-1959


Rafael Mira, an established dealer in automotive and agricultural equipment with premises at 8 Avenida de José Antonio, Valencia.

Setter built motorcycles for the firm badged as RMH in the 1960s powered by Hispano Villiers engines of 125cc and 197cc. Around 750 machines were produced.

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ROA 1952-1967

Manufactured by by Jesús Roig Martí in in Meliana, Horta Nord 1940-1948
Believed to be the first Spanish motorcycle built after the end of the civil war, it used a converted stationary engine mounted on a bicycle frame. Around 20 were built, four-strokes of 74 and 125cc.
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Industrias Ruter was established in Figueres by a Frenchman who had been banished from France during the Great War. Motorcycle production took place between 1952 and 1959, the machines having 90cc and 125cc engines built in their factory.


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