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Montesa Motorcycles


A brief history of Montesa:

Montesa was formed in 1944 by Pedro Permanyer and Francisco Bulto (who later formed Bultaco) and built their first small batch of machines based on the very successful Motobecanes of the day. By 1951 their 125cc machines were entered in the ISDT, one of which was ridden by senor Bulto himself.

By the mid-50's Montesa was seeing considerable success in competition, with podium finishes at the Isle of Man. Production bikes were selling very well indeed, but economic difficulties led to disagreement between the partners and Bulto left the company in 1958.

A return to competition resulted in many national championship wins, with probably the most outstanding being Ulf Karlsson's victory in the 1980 World Trials Championship on a Montesa Cota. This should have been a boon for Montesa, but domestic unrest slowed production, sales were slow, and a share of the business was sold to Honda, which eventually came to own the whole company. By the mid-1990's Montesa motorcycles were built with Honda powerplants and many other components.

Montesa UK

Barbara Bound writes:

"My father was James (Jim) Bound, a well known racer and during the 1950's/1960's. He owned EMB Motors in Vicarage Road, Watford, and at one time, was the importer of the 125cc Montesa Motorcycle of Spain. This company was called Montesa Motorcycles GB which was owned by EMB Motors. The two main models imported were the Brio 110 Sports Roadster and the Sportsman Production Racer.

The Brio cost £168 whilst the Sportsman racer retailed for a massive £343 15s 8d including tax or £280 if sold in kit form. One of the leading riders of the time to campaign a Sportsman was in fact a sportswoman - Mrs. Margo Pearson. She was a well known figure on the 125 Montesa and competed in many 125 races during the 60's. Jim supported her in this vocation and she became a firm member of our group."

Barbara Bound at the 50cc Racing Club UK

p4ddym4c at
Montessa cappra
I have what I think is the frame number but I have no idea of the year or model of this bike it was my dad's and I am trying to restore it to it's former glory and I need some help the frame number I have is (73m 10969) any help would be greatly appreciated
Paddy MC polin
Belfast uk
pmbaures at
Montesa Cota49
The Cota 49 apparently has a licensed JLO G50 engine. My son and I are restoring this bike and engine and could really use some documentation on the G50 motor. Also a good seller of parts would be great to know. Any diagrams and service manuals would be helpful to rebuild it.
Thank you.
Patrick BAURES
Portland OR USA
peterdonaghy at
Montesa 247 cota 1974
Hi Peter from Tasmania Australia I am trying to find a workshop manual for 21m motor have finally decided to restore my monty thanks for any help
peter donaghy
Devonport Tasmania Australia

Try this page: Books and Manuals
Montesa cota 349 . 1980
Just a quick question
Would anyone know the correct paint code for the tank cover/ seat unit .
Mark Gallimore
Stoke on Trent This page may help: Paint and Colour Schemes

Wed, 14 Mar 2018
nick_birt at
montesa 248 cota - 1980?

I have a cota 248 matching numbers but NO paperwork, # 21M51657. how do I get a log book and age related plate? all advise would be most helpful
nick birt
leicester United Kingdom

Information on Paperwork

Wed, 31 Jan 2018
mickthompson1 at
Rickman montesa montesa 1973

I need to know what model the engine is and where i can obtain parts. It is a 250 round barrel motor rather than the more common square type the engine number is 73m0080
Mick Thompson
Bedford England United Kingdom

Tue May 16 2017
jeanchesters at
Montessa MH 200 Cota

Writer is searching for a manual for a Montesa 200 Cota

Sat Feb 11 2017
francisvollaro at
cota model
montesa cota 247
motor and frame # match
M1214143,can you tell me exactly what model and year,production# of units for whatever it is and any info you can. Aprox value in VG to excellent condition. Thank you

Sat Jun 11 2016
blloydr at
Montesa LaCrosse
What is a 1967 Montesa
LaCrosse restored worth?
USA, Michigan

Please use the valuations page.

Sat Aug 15 2015
terryjmohr at
Montesa la cross
Where can I find the VIN number on the frame - I found the motor number which is 23M0695 and was the front fender brace chrome or black?
Southern California

Mon Sep 09 2013
Montesa cota 25C - spare parts
MONTESA cot 25c
Hello. I need some clutch spare parts of my montesa cota 25c.
Do you know how to get them worldwide?
Milan, Italy


Fri Feb 03 2012
Pinion drive gear
Cota 247
I have 1975 cota 247 from which I am trying to remove the gearbox side pinion drive gear. I have three legged pulley which I have tightened so much that it has bent the legs! I have tried heating it, shock impact, and all manor of levers and still it won't budge..Do you have any ideas please

Tue Jan 10 2012
Work Shop Manuals
Montesa Honda 85/86 MH200
Would you please be able to advise if there is a resource centre where i can obtain/download a work shop manual for a MH200 please?

Wed Nov 30 2011
Montesa South Africa
Montesa Cota 172
I have a 1976/1977 Montesa cota 172 (serial No 19M0907) and looking for spares in South Africa.

Sat Oct 15 2011
telesco stickers and tank decals
1976 Montesa Enduro 250
I am refurbishing my bike and could use telesco stickers and racing stripes for my tank. Any idea where I can get them?
thx Steve

Try the page on Badges and Decals

Wed Jun 01 2011
Montesa-1965 Diablo 250 cc S/N 13M0437
This bike was rode by Randy Buxton in LA, Ca. We would like to know if anybody knew him? We would like to know any history on the bike?
Dinuba, Ca


Fri Feb 18 2011
damo127<at>hotmaildot com
enquirery about the age of my bike
montesa cota 247
hi, trying to find the age of my bike, engine no. 21m27069

Fri Feb 18 2011
karen<at>p11dot com
Kim Kimball Passed Away
Montesa Impala 175 Cross
My uncle Kim Kimball Mr. "Viva Montesa" (Trailblazer Hall of Fame Inductee, 2008) passed on Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011. Our family is putting together a Memorial Service, and would appreciate any input for the photo/article project we are planning.

The American importer Kim Kimball (in association with the popular film star Steve McQueen) began in
1963 with the import of the Impala 175 Cross, which was called the "Scrambler" in its American
version. He initially used his own garage and then expanded to other premises. He began himself to participate in desert trials (popular at that time) and made the trademark known, beginning in California.

His friend Dan Gurney, the famous racing car driver, would join Montesa Motors Inc., which would end
up with a retail network of 350 dealerships through out the USA. Other racing car drivers joined the
company as shareholders, including Ritchie Ginter (first winner for Honda of a Formula 1 race) and Phil

Several Montesa models could be seen in numerous Hollywood movies, such as "Big Jake", "Freebie
and the Bean", "On Any Sunday", etc. Even the famous film star Steve McQueen, a friend of Kim
Kimball's, spent his days off riding a Montesa in the California deserts.
Another interesting anecdote was the gift that astronaut Neil Armstrong came home to when he
returned from his successful moon voyage. Pedro Permanyer, forever in awe of technical
advancement, wanted him to find a Montesa at his front door awaiting his return.

In 1964 three German Moto-Cross riders were recruited: Fritz Betzelbacher, Otto Walz, (Otto and
Fritz, the famous pair) and Georg Hauger, who obtained numerous victories in Europe. (See pg 17 of attached .pdf)

Sat Oct 23 2010
nojwilso<at>googlemaildot com
gear selecter mechanism
montesa 349 cota mach 3
Bought a 349 in bits. Ive managed to get most of it together but cant figure how to line up selector mechanism to the selecter shaft. There are marks on all bits but how do you line them up.

Wed Aug 25 2010
piston rings
montesa 1969 250 sport
Getting back after 37 years the montesa I raced & got 5th place in the shell championships. needs rings or complete piston.

Wed Aug 25 2010
comprar uma montesa 250
Montesa 250 h6
Estou procurando uma montesa em São Paulo. Se alguém puder me ajudar agradeço.
São Paulo, Brasil

Fri Apr 09 2010
what is it?
montesa cappra
I would really like to be sure what i own my engine and frame number is: 73MO559

Tue Feb 16 2010
winston59ok at
clutch plates for cota 349
montesa cota 349 cota
require new clutch plates for 1979 montesa cota 349

Fri Feb 05 2010
mike at
Parts for Montesa Cota 123 in Australia
Cota 123
Hi All,

I am trying to restore my beautiful 1980 Cota 123 and need to find a supplier of parts in Australia
Sydney Australia

Mon Oct 19 2009
c.knebel at yahoodot com
montesa serial#10m0001
montesa cota 25
i have montesa cota 25 serial number is 10m0001 is this worth anything?? where is a good place to sell it? its running but in need of restoration

Try the classifieds directory at Bikelinks for sales.

Wed Jun 03 2009
Gibby25 at
Price for 1970's Montesa
My dad wants to sell late 70's Montesa to friend and clueless on price. Any body able to help me?
California, USA

See the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

Mon May 18 2009
l.adamou at

Sat Apr 18 2009
james-m-1993 at
Clutch Basket
Montesa Cota 242
my clutch basket has smashed up and i really need a new one but its not easy finding one. could sombody tell me where to get one please

Fri Jan 09 2009
aussiedog90 at
Crancase oil
montesa 250 enduro 1977 54m
Written on the sidecase is 300cc 10w30,i'm assuming this is for sidecase only.My question is how much oil is required for the crankcase?Hoping you can help.I also have a spare motoplat and casing for sale for the above model if anyone is interested
Cairns Australia

Mon Nov 10 2008
westyald-- at
carb setting
montesa cota 247
how do i set a carb on montesa cota 247

Mon Nov 10 2008
russellsneverland at
Montesa 200 Clutch basket removal
Montesa Cota 200
Hi, I am trying to remove the clutch basket on my Montesa 200 but it wont budge, What is the method for removing this.Best regards Russell

There may be a manual listed for your model here: Books and Manuals

Sun Sep 07 2008
jojocan4 at msndot com
montesa 249 année ?
montesa 349
Avez vous un éclaté pièce pour le montage de l'embrayage... j'ai un 349 cota que je dois remonter mais il me manque des pièces mais je ne sais pas les quelles , avec un éclaté j'y arriverais très bien merci beaucoup
66260 coustouges

Mon Mar 24 2008
rtcharger71 at hotmaildot com
How much fork oil and what weight of oil?
Montesa H6 enduro 250
Hi have a monty 250 H6 enduro, it has leading axle Betor forks, I was wondering how much oil and what weight of oil for each leg please, any help would be great. Cheers Steve Cox Australia
Lismore NSW Australia

Sat Mar 15 2008
jjpditty at hotmaildot com
montesa cota 25
Hello, I recently purchased a early 70's cota 25. The sellers said it ran when it was parked a couple years ago. i cannot get the piston to turn over with the kicker. In neutral the kicker just moves easily but doesn't engage. In gear the bike will move the kicker till it wont move anymore and stop. Is there something simple to fix? This is the first montesa i have owned. Is there a way to tell the year of the bike? Thanks, John
MI. U.S.A.

Thu Feb 28 2008
broncosfan6719 at yahoodot com
fuel mixture ratio?
montesa cota 123
i found a montesa cota 123 in an old barn it has been sitting for seven years when i tried it started for a few seconds. i am trying to find out the correct fuel mixture before i try again if anyone could help i would be very grateful

Use a modern twostroke oil and 30:1 should be safe enough.
Also, check this page: twostroke oil mixtures

Thu Jan 31 2008
cookmisty at
montesa trail bike
trail bike serial#63m2236
can you tell me what year and size this bike is?
al, tuscaloosa

It appears to be a Capra 250 1971 or 72. Ed.

Fri Jan 18 2008
kri-axe-el at hotmaildot com
Problem with oil filling!
answer! montesa 348 1978 trial.
Hello i have an montesa 348 machine,and wonder if you can help me,one question! which typ of oil in engine and how mutch should it be in there!i see there is two plug for oil filling in this engine.

Hope i can get answer:
sinserely krister!

Tue Jan 08 2008
Were can I buy a new piston kit from

Tue Oct 30 2007
slawrence at
montesa trials bike 250cc
hi looking to sell my montesa trials bike not sure of the year but attached is a picture also any info anyone has about this bike would be a great help

Sun Sep 09 2007
paul.morris83 at btinternetdot com
montesa cota 247
hi,ive just got given a montesa 247 and when i turn the petrol on it just leaks out the back (the air filter end) any info greatly appreciated.

Almost certainly junk on the float needle seat. Ed.

Fri Aug 31 2007
207502749 at
1974 Montesa king scorpion 250 2-stroke
hey guys
my dad has very recently been given a 74 montesa king scorpion from a friend who's immigrating and intends to restore it, but we are struggling to find a place where we can get the parts to restore. we need things like both fuel and oil tank, possibly gauges, a seat, an d various other parts. if you know of anyplace where we can get these spares and could let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.

gareth knox
durban, south africa

Wed May 16 2007
mark at
Cota 242 clutch basket emoval
Montesa 242
I have removed th clutch plates but can't remove the clutch basket on my Cota 242.Does it need a pulleror is there something holding it on that I haven't seen?
Worcester, england

Fri May 11 2007
helen-clrk at
Montesa Motorbikes
Any make or model
I would like to know if there is an agent in Ireland distributing Montesa motorbikes

Wed Apr 04 2007
DLohrey at aoldot com
Gerabox capacities
1972 King Scorpion 250
I need to fill my gearbox and find no level plug for gearbox. How much lube do I put in?

Mon Mar 26 2007
sales at vintagedirtbikedot com
Montesa Bultaco Parts
I see where alot of persons are looking for parts. I have one of the largest montesa invenotories in the english world and would love to help anyone that is looking for parts or bikes. My website is

Very impressive site with considerable information of interest to the collector and restorer. Ed.

Sat Mar 17 2007
waterbob48 at aoldot com
1966 montesa lacrosse 250cc
What is the right paint for this bike??
 It was yellow when I brought it 37 years ago but people say it should be RED. ibrought
 it used.

Mon Mar 12 2007
adriankyneur at
Montesa 1977 250 Enduro M54
I am hoping you could give me an idea of what this bike would be worth.
I reluctantly must part with this beast. 1977 Montesa 250 Enduro M54 in original condition.
Engine is 300cc but compliance says 250 and numbers match.
Complete bike except mud guards and seat is damaged. Engine needs rebuild. Bike is partly disassembled. Curious as to how much someone might pay for this bike. If its only worth a couple of hundred dollars then I will keep it in the shed until I get time to play. All offers considered. Pics available on request. You may email directly to
adriankyneur at
Sydney, Australia.

See the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices Can you tell me why the engine of this bike has 300cc on the side yet the bike is complied as a 250? The engine number matches the compliance.

That possibly refers to the gearbox oil capacity. Ed.

Sat Mar 10 2007
rawle.family11 at
oil capacity
1976 ,montesa cota 172
Trying to find oil capacities (gearbox & forks} to suit this model.

Thu Mar 08 2007
pulttilukko at
Montesa cota123 -81 or -82
Hi, i´m contacting You for a need spare parts for my old cota 123 (yearmodel 1981). Can yoy help me to find parts, or give me contact?
My dad is going to make the "old warrior" run again, but some parts in engine is missing.
Tuusula, Finland
Hi again, found at te net a picture of our bike...

Our bike is model 123cc

Raimo Kauppila

Sun Mar 04 2007
rijschoolrijen at
montesa impala
i just bought this montesa . is there somebody who can give me more information about this motorcycle . i would like to know the year it was build and the number of cc , i think 175 or 250 cc. many thanks in advance peter de wit
rijen , holland

Fri Feb 23 2007
hamish.f at
engine wanted
Montesa 360 H6 1980
I am looking for an engine for thi model,I would really like to complete this rare bike.
Christchurch NZ

Thu Feb 08 2007
originallooser at
i need an engine....
montesa honda mh200 '80-'84?
I have a mh200 montesa but i have discovered that it has an incorrect engine from a slightly earlier 125 machine. the chassis no: 29H 331508 ,it would be ideal if i could source the original 'matching no's etc (wishful thinking). but any 29H engine will do. i'm not concerned with the condition just needs to be complete really.... so what have you got lying around??? need an airbox too 'hint hint..'
outer london

Mon Jan 29 2007
ridgekids at
Fuel Tank
VB360 or H6 360 Enduro
Hello, I am looking for a fuel tank for a VB 360 or a 360 H6 Enduro for sale. I think they are the same. Can any one help. I am living in Australia, but if some one hase a good tank am willing to to pay freight to Australia.

Wed Jan 24 2007
john.drayton at jacobsdot com
Montesa Manual
montesa 348
would you have a workshop manual for a montesa 348 1977/78

Wed Jan 17 2007
toothwright at gmaildot com
montesea 315
Engine revs increase and engine will not shut down even when throttle is closed. Only occurs on hillsides after climbing. cable is new. Slide does shut. Airleak somewhere?

Is your cable kinked or trapped somewhere? Does the outer appear to move freely when you tug it from the carby end? Thanks,
Cable was not kinked BUT the right angle throttle cable feed to the carb had been disturbed from its correct position. This was rectified, the slider lubricated and the air-filter cleaned.
All now in order until I dump the Montessa in the stream again!

Tue Jan 09 2007
robert at ntlworlddot com
having problem with gears
montesa 349
I have just rebuilt my engine and gear box and it will not stay in 2nd gear. Some one said it might be clutch so i replaced the clutch but the bike is still jumping out of gear. What is wrong please help me

Fri Jan 05 2007
ianandleyann at btinternetdot com
Frame/engine numbers
Montesa Cota
The link to the site with the numbers data base is not working for me. Can you assist with the capacity/age from the number 29M 02344 which seems to be both engine and frame number. I suspect a 247 from early 1980's Has the white tank seat unit and the "crinkly "engine cooling fins.

Montesa Serial Numbers

Mon Jan 01 2007
fletch78 at msndot com
montesa cota49
hi please could you tell me the year of this bike chassis/frame number: 20m0946 and reg number if possible many thanks.
burnley lancashire

Fri Nov 24 2006
bcath< at >
metric chain
montessa cota 25
Does anyone have the chain metric that goes to the cyntrifical clutch. I need about 15 inches.

Mon Nov 13 2006
michaelkimb< at t>
H6 250 ENDURO 1979
Are these a good bike to buy.Where there problems with this model and parts availability?It is original and in excellent condition for its age (especially paint).Is $200.00 Australian dollars a good price.Please reply to my email adress.Kind regards Michael

Parts will not be easy to come by but the price is excellent. Ed.

Mon Oct 09 2006
fairygodmother1 at bigponddot com
montesa 123 1974?
hi i was wondering if i can get a flywheel for my montesa 123 cota trails bike .the bike is points ignition

Mon Oct 02 2006
maurice.ouldcott at ntlworlddot com
chassi number
hi hope you can help i have just bought a montessa bike with chassis number 29mo1268 could you help me identify what cc and model also the year if possible please
bolton england

I suspect it's a Montesa Cota 200 Type 29M, but do not know the year Ed. you are spot on about the bike i found out off sandifords its a 1981-1982 thanks for your help on that do you know anybody with a kick start lever for sale for this bike i am realy stuck on this
thanks again

Thu Sep 21 2006
eshannon1 at rochester.rrdot com
dirt bike seat
1971 250 montesa king scorpian
i am looking for a seat or seat pan for a 1971 montesa king scorpian. must be in good to new condition. please help me. thanks,jim

Wed Sep 20 2006
fairygodmother1 at bigponddot com
montesa 123 cota
montesa cota 123cc trails bike
hi i was wondering i you can help me looking for a flywheel to complete my montesa can yous help please.
thanks kind regards andrew merletto

Tue Sep 19 2006
eshannon1 at rochester.rrdot com
motercycle part
1971 montesa 250 king scorpian
some bodyhelp me! i am looking 4 a seat or seat pan. must b in good 2 perfect shape. will pay fair price

Mon Sep 11 2006
nigel-england at
clutch drag
cota 248 1981
i have changed the clutch plates in my 248 because it draged badley and it didnt make any difference, any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. just to check, how many clutch plates should there be anyway .
somerset ,england

Fri Sep 01 2006
awkx250 at hotmaildot com
need piston and ring kit for vb250 cappra
need piston and ring kit for va360 cappra
has anyone had luck with using a japanese bike piston in vb250 montesa

Tue Aug 29 2006
david.j.moore at
Montesa Coita 348
Hi All, I'm restoring a Montesa 348 and I'm having trouble replacing one of the crank seals. On the clutch side, I can't remove the drive gear to get to the seal, I have removed the flywheel but do not know how the gear can be removed. Any help greatly appreciated.
Sydney, Australia
Sat Sep 02 2006
I found my problem, the drive gear is a taper fit to the crank shaft, I made a puller and the job is done. Just have to finish the rest of the bike. Happy Restorations.

Fri Aug 25 2006
adriankyneur at
Work Shop Manual
1977 Montesa 250 Enduro
I am trying to find a workshop manual for a 1977 Montesa 250 Enduro.
Also I am curious as to weather there are any montesa clubs in Sydney, Australia.
Sydney, Australia.

Sun Aug 20 2006
rni63634 at
Cappra 414 VF
Am looking for owners of VF/VE 414's who are racing them or have in the past. Am after any info on them, photos or copies of tech/owners manuals.
Ballarat. Australia

Thu Aug 17 2006
kenne01 at
What make ??
Montesa , 123 i think??
Hi, i am from South Africa.I have a Montesa trials bike with Engine number:19M1369.If possible please tell me exactly what model it is an dyear make.I need to order parts.Busy with restoration.


Craig Kennedy
South Africa

The bike is a Cota 172, but I can't tell the year from the engine number. Ed.

Sat Jul 29 2006
kath-nevile at [bounced]
renovating Montesa
Montesa cota 349
Can you help? what's the best oil for the engine and for the gear box? I need info too on the gear box and how to set it up. I also need to know about the correct fuel mixture. The bike has been 'rested' for 10 years and we're a bit clueless! Many thanks
Manchester UK

Here are a few links on premix twostroke oils. There may also be information there about correct gearbox oil. Ed.

Fri Jul 28 2006
wardsriverstore at
montesa cota 123
G/day Are 20" and 17" tyres still made for this great little bike anywhere? Thanks Jeff.

The front tyre in particular may prove hard to track down. Try the vintage tyre dealers listed at Bikelinks. Ed.

Wed Jul 26 2006
l.adamou at
spare parts original
montesa cota 349
looking for spare parts. Have tried UK, nothing. Have been trying to find email address of Honda Montessa Spain but with no luck
Tks for your email,

Can you please give me prices and delivery charges to Cyprus, I have also attached drawings for your reference and ease.

Page 1
 1 x 5170.06501 ( or just the casing for the switch)
3 x 0070.140267
3 x 0070.120068
1 x rin 14.68
1 x rin 96.09
3 x 0070.170131
3 x 0070.170501
1 x 5170.025

Page 2
2 x telesco spring 5140.03503
4 x telesco 3541101?

Page 3
4 x (o rings) 0093.3028226S

Thank you in advance
Linda Dewhurst

I apologise if I have given you the impression that we sell Montesa parts, Linda. We don't. We only provide a service for owners to source information and parts about their machines. To find dealers in Montesa, please try this link:

Fri May 05 2006
Mr-Confuzzled at hotmaildot com
montesa 247 cota manulas
hi all is a guy on australian ebay selling a cdrom for 247 cota wshop and parts manuals

Tue May 02 2006

hsten at
any helpfull info
montesa cota 247 with tank decals ' version karlson'
about to start a resto, so any info on where to get a workshop and/or parts book for this model wold be much appreciated. eng&frame21m22720.GO MONTESA

Here is a picture of the bike in question. From what I have found so far about this machine is as follows; engine and frame number -21M 22720 , Model, cota 247L ulf karson replica, Year 1975 , other bits of interesting stuff, 72mm bore, has headlight and taillight wiring present and also a steering or fork lock. I hope somebody out there can help.

Fri Apr 14 2006
tbrennan at myeasterndot com
Serial # 51M9883
I recently acquired a Montesa trials bike with the Serial #51M9883. My questions are: what year, what model, and engine size belongs to this serial number? Any information you might share would greatly be appreciated.

51M makes it a 350 Cota according to this page on Montesa Serial Numbers

Wed Apr 12 2006
Mr-confuzzled at hotmaildot com
242 cota approx 80-84?
Hi Iam trying to undertake the restoration of a montesa cota ...frame number 39M02272 however I am having a incredibly difficult time locating parts etc even for the engine rebuild as such.Can you please put me onto anyone within Australia that may be able to help with required parts?
Please email me back at Mr-confuzzled at hotmaildot com
NT Australia

Tue Feb 28 2006
xtrememb at
Montessa 250 Cota Trials ? Poss 1971
I have just bought this bike. Frame number is "21M-20990" What exactly is it?
Perth, Australia

21M identifies it as a 250 Cota, image indicates it to be about a 1976 model, possibly as late as 1980. Ed.

Sun Feb 12 2006
s.kitchingman at talk21dot com
kick start wanted
hi, i am in need of a kick start and a kick start shaft for a montesa cota 123 (1973), thanks simon

Wed Feb 08 2006
wrecking : monty 250 cappra / frame no: 33m0064 /
and scorpion / frame no: 44m2229 please relpy to ( johnnybgood42 at ) subject montesa .

regards .....johnny.

Sun Nov 20 2005
gavmel at aoldot com
old montesa
I have recently been given an old montesa. I was hoping that you would be able to help me identify it. Tha chassis and engine number is 66M0960. I have been told that it is a VA360 about 1976 model. I was hoping that you could either confirm this or tell me what model it is. Also what are the availability of second hand or new parts as i was considering restoring it. Thanking you, Gavin Shields.

Try this page: , which indicates it to be a Cappra 360 1976 or later . Ed.

Thu Oct 27 2005
lazy.kay at
My grandson has bought a bike - the only informtion I have is:

Honda Montesa MH 200 1982

He needs parts, engine bits - kick start - filters, etc. Any clues as to where I can source any or all of these?

Thank you
K Wilson

Sat Aug 13 2005
giuseppe.made at
montesa 349 1980.
salve,sono in possesso di un montesa cota 349 immatricolato nel 1980.
mi continua a perdere olio dal perno del pignone e malgrado abbia cambiato più volte il paraolio mi continua a perdere. forse monto un paraolio sbagliato, mi sapreste indicare il tipo esatto di paraolio e dove recuperarlo.ho un altro problema:dopo un po' che la moto e' accesa (al minimo) si spegne.ho cambiato tutto l'impianto elettrico ma il problema persiste, credo che il problema sia da imputare al carburatore che fa bagnare la candela.che tipo di consiglio mi sapete dare?
grazie beppe.


alve, they are in registered possession of montesa cota 349 in 1980. it continues to me to lose oil from the hinge of the pinion perhaps and in spite of it has changed più to times the paraolio continues to me to lose I mount a paraolio mistaken, you would know to me to indicate the exact type of paraolio and where recuperarlo.ho an other problema:dopo po' that an ignited motion e' (lessened) spegne.ho changed to all the system electrical worker but the problem is persisted, creed that the problem is from chargeing to the carburetor that ago to bathe candela.che the type of council me sapete debit? thanks beppe.

Fri Jul 15 2005
rafafigueroa2001 at
Hola,tengo una cota 349 1ªserie y quiero cambiar los amortiguadores,pues los que tiene no son originales.¿sabeis de que longitud tienen que ser?.muchas gracias

Translation: shock absorbers Hello, I have a level 349 1.serie and I want to change the shock absorbers, because those that it has are not originales..sabeis of which length thanks have ser?.muchas

Mon Jun 20 2005
bazzacw at hotmaildot com
Hi , I have a 1980 cota 349 and I need a set of fork seals for it , have you any idea where I may be able to get a set // regards barry watson (canada)

Many parts distributors carry a range of fork seals. Your local bikeshop should be able to order some for you. Ed.

Tue Jun 07 2005
kevin.daoust at k2-engdot com
can you date these 2 bikes for me??
I am in the possesion of two montesa motorcycles through a death in the family. I do not know anything about these two bikes but I have the numbers off of the engines and was wondering if you could tell me what they are. The numbers off the engines are as follows.
12m1214 I believe this one is a 175 Texas. but I dont know the year.
22m2294, I have no Idea what this bike is. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

July 11th 2005
Attached are some photo's of the Texas 175! There is one picture showing
the serial number from the other bike which is the 24m. I made a mistake when I gave you the serial numbers the first time. I was wondering if you would know what the fair market value would be for the 175 Texas?? I know it needs some work but it is almost complete and it is running now! Any information would be greatly

Could not date them, but would guess early 70s. There is a little more information here, in Spanish: (404)

Sun May 01 2005
oil pump
I'm looking for a oil pump for montesa king scorpion automix 1973...

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