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Spanish Makes (M)

Notes on some of the rarer Spanish marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. For a more complete listing visit the Spanish Index.

Manufactured by Motos Bordoy SA of Rubí, these are junior motorcycles and quads first produced in 1999.
Numerous models for youngsters have been built using mostly Motori Franco Morini engines until 2003 when four-strokes of 50cc and 100cc appeared.
The firm was established in the early 1970s and has imported and distributed MV Agusta, Cagiva, Husqvarna and other brands.


AMC Fita, an engine manufacturer, took over the Evycsa firm in 1957 after it failed, and formed the MAF marque.

The MAF was manufactured between 1958 and 1964 in Figueres (Alt Empordà). They produced 150cc and 175cc models and had plans to continue with the Evycsa 250 but these did not come to fruition.



Matacas produced diesel engines which were fitted to Sanson, among others. Sava later purchased Matacas


Mavisa 1953-1960



Velomotores Miner were manufactured by Jose Luis Miner in Gipuzkoa during the 1950s. Two models were produced, the Comfort and the Sport, both powered by Ziraco engines. In 1952 Garate Anitua y Cia (GAC) launched their Mobylettes.

Mondial Spain
Mòndial motorcycles were manufactured in Catalonia under license to the Italian firm by Construcciones Mecánicas Españolas, S.A. from 1956 to 1962.
The factory address was 345 Rosselló street in Barcelona until 1959 when they moved to Carrer Floridablanca de Mataró, Maresme.

Monfort 1957-1958

Josep Montpeó was a motorcycle importer based in Barcelona who, in addition retailing motorcycles and bicycles, built sidecars and limited numbers of motorcycles between 1912 and 1929.
The family business built more motorcycles in the post-war years when a grandson created the Orix brand.

Montesa Honda
Manufactured by Montesa Honda SA at the Montesa factory in Esplugues de Llobregat from 1986 until 2000 when a new factory was established in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda , Vallès occidental.
See also Montesa, and Montesa Honda.

Motobic 1949~1963

Moto Guzzi Hispania

Moto Vespa S.A.

MYMSA 1953-1963

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