Spanish Motorcycles

Spanish Makes (I)

Notes on some of the rarer Spanish marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. For a more complete listing visit the Spanish Index.

Built bicycle attachment engines mounted within the bicycle triangle which drove the rear wheel by friction roller.

Oskar Gorría Soteras created the Inmotec company in 2007 and has produced a number of MotoGP machines.
The company has collaborated with Ecomotion to produced the LEMev Stream electric motorcycle, first marketed in 2011.


Constructiones Meccanicas Iresa, Madrid, 1956-1959

Built motorcycles fitted with Villiers 200cc engines, and were possibly involved with the production of Hispano-Villiers engines.

The firm also built 48cc and 53cc engines which were used by other manufacturers, among them J.Y.M.B.



Manufactured by Industria Metalicas de Navarra SA, Navarre 1953-1961

Félix Huarte, who had previously built the Husor in partnership with Soriano, went on to create the Iruña, a 123cc two-stroke scooter using an engine built in their factory.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, et al.

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