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Spanish Makes (L)

Notes on some of the rarer Spanish marques

This page lists brands for which we currently have only an historical precis. For a more complete listing visit the Spanish Index.

Lambretta (ES)

The L.B.M. was a prototype built by Luis Bejarano Murga (1900 - 1993) around 1943.
Bejarano was a successful competitor in the 1920s and worked with the Douglas firm in Bristol. In the early 30s he imported Douglas machines with the aim of manufacturing them in Spain, a project which was curtailed with the advent of the Spanish Civil War. In 1947 he founded Lube.
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Lifante 1953-1966


Manufactured by Industrias Cerza Esparraguera of Barcelona in 1959, this was a motocarro powered by a Hispano Villiers 197cc engine.

There was also a Lince sports car made in Spain in the early 1970s.

Source: contemporary advertising.

Lutètia 1924

In 1948, at the age of 18, Lorenzo Zabala developed an auxilliary bicycle engine, a 59cc two-stroke mounted within the frame's triangle. Before long he was producing 8 of these per month, and went on to form a company - Motobic.
Source: OTTW

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