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mike.crane at
Lube Yack not sure on the year
Can you steer me to a supplier for Lube engine parts? My NSU dealer in Germany has nothing. Thanks, Mike
Mike Crane
Minneapolis, MN

Have very little, but try the "Spanish MC Clubs" search here: Spanish Resources
michocollins at
1965 Lube-NSU Condor 150cc
Is there anybody who has parts for this bike?
I would like to do a rebuild...or at least find a complete motor.
I found one that seems alright, but is missing a piston.
Thanks for any help.
Michael Collins
New York

Tue May 20 2014
lyons52003 at
Lube Yak
I have a barn find Lube Yak, compression is 75PSI, has good spark, needs TLC. Am selling as is do not have time to fix up, can send pictures to interested people. Can call or email with questions (calling perferred) 586-219-2023

Sun Dec 15 2013
Dating my bike
Lube-NSU 150cc RENN
Need info on how to date my Lube- NSU 150cc RENN
Hartlepool, UK

Mon Jun 25 2012
lube motorcycle
lube not known
i have chance of buying a lube motorcycle model not known. the motor cycle in question has spanish number plates on with no documentation. how can i go about getting evidence together to get it registered in uk.
regards chris mitton
north yorkshire

Tue Jul 06 2010
Margaretarmstrong<at>btinternetdot com
Lube Motor Cycles
Lube Yack
If you want in your hands the most mouth-watering document about those Lube models, ask for the Magazine "Motos de Ayer" (*) numbers 46, 87 and 92. Exhaustive treatment, lotsa pictures and references.
(*)= M.C. Ediciones
With Reference to the above could you please advise me how I can purchase the articles mentiones from Magazine 'Motos de Ayre' numbers 46,87and 92
Hoping you will be able to help, Regards Bob Watson
Wirral, England

Thu May 05 2011
Parts lube
I need many parts for a motorcycle lube, please help me

Wed Dec 03 2008
papabrain13 at
Precious Spanish Lubes.
Lube Condor, Izaro, Le Mans & Yack
If you want in your hands the most mouth-watering document about those Lube models, ask for the Magazine "Motos de Ayer" (*) numbers 46, 87 and 92. Exhaustive treatment, lotsa pictures and references.
(*)= M.C. Ediciones
Paseo San Gervasio, 16-20
08022 - Barcelona - SPAIN
Fax +34932541259
E-mail: suscripciones AT mcediciones DOT com
The honcho up there is Manel Garriga.

I'm Montes, and I love badly Condor bikes!
Barcelona Motos de Ayer - Articulos, reportajes, pruebas, comparativas - Portada Revista Motos de Ayer. Frontera MK49, Jawa 350, Lube Le Mans. La vuelta a Espana

Tue Oct 27 2009
bobbur at
question on parts and specifications.
NSU Lube. Condor.
Hi Sheldon:
I have recently decided to restore a NSU Lube Condor that has been sitting in my garage for years. I need engine specs (ring gap etc.) and parts sources. Any help willbe appreciated. Thanks,
Bob Burroughs.
South Carolina, USA

Wed Nov 12 2008
mbalaguero at
Spanish Bike foto correction
Howdy Sheldon, I wrote you a while back and sent you a picture of an Izaro that you have posted on your LUBE web page. I wanted you to know that it is not a LUBE Yack as the foto says but an LUBE Izaro which is similar to the Condor 150cc that you have a illustrated a little further down. I will send you a foto of my Yack when she is together soon.  Thanks for all the work you put into this great resource. Sorry for the confusion about the picture mislabeling.
Sincerely, Miguel Balaguero.
Connceticut, USA

Fri Feb 08 2008
lovelace-2 at msndot com
Info on motorcycle
lube 150cc yak or lube
Sir I have one of these and do not know how to tell them apart. Are they german made?? Please call me if you can. Thank you kindly  Daniel Roberts 606 864 5423 PS what does EMU and NSU stand for?
ky. london

Fri Jul 27 2007
Mtjacktown at hotmaildot com
Lube Motorcycle Q's

I acquired one (Lube Cycle), and have no idea what it is. The motor # is 1564104734 and Frame# is 64117258. Is their any way that you or anybody else can tell me the Year, model and engine size by these Numbers? Also, where can i get parts for this machine? If you can help me out, I thank you.

Sat Mar 18 2006
mbalaguero at
Howdy, I have an copy of the RENN Instruction Manual from 1961.  I'm the process of translating as well as information provided by Francisco Herreros in his Enciclopedia de la Moto Espanola. 20.000 units were exported from Spain around 1965. Anyone know who the importer was? I own a Yack and Izaro.
Luego, Miguel
Hartford, CT

Thu Nov 24 2005
Lonewolf66 at insightbbdot com
I have a NSU that has been given to me and have no idea what it is or if it is worth anything to anyone. On the tank the it has Lube NSU S.A. The motor is stamped TR156514888. Any info. on this bike would be appreciated.

April 12, 2002
Hi: I just picked up a LUBE model Yack in fairly complete condition. I had one of these back in 1970 and it was in perfect condition. Does anyone know of any parts or info sources for this unusual bike? I would very much like to restore it as best as possible. Also does anyone know who built the motor and where specs on it could be found? Any info on this bike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, El Perry -- JMofNBCo at aoldot com

May 22, 2001
Hi, I'm a lube model D25 owner. Lube motorcycles were made at Bilbao, Spain by Luis Bejarano Murga.

The first model was the A25 over the final of the fourties. The LUBE CONDOR is over the sixties. But for good information go to CLUB LUBE on and contact with Juan Marti, he is my friend and the great specialists on this brand in Spain.
Best regards -- Juanjo Echevarria -- zombieche at hotmaildot com

August 8, 2000
If anybody would like to see my Lube-NSU go to: (no DNS 0511)

Let me know what you think.
Keith Hertell -- rdgaffer at
Team Backbone
San Antonio, Texas USA

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