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Lube-NSU (Spain)

Founded in 1947 (LouĂ­s Bejarano S.A., 17 Gran Via, Bilbao), the small factory started with a 99 ccm twostroke model, later adding a 125 ccm model to the production line.

In 1954 a motorcycle with a 150 ccm NSU twostroke engine opened a new chapter in the hisotry of the brand: the factory was renamed (Lube-NSU S.A., 9 Almeda Mazzareo, Bilbao) and three years later these models were available: 99, 99S, 125T, 125P, 150 and the 251 OSB with the 247 ccm OHC NSU Max engine. They also built a moped like the NSU Quickly.
Lube-NSU continued to install NSU engines until 1964, when the supply stopped. New models with engine displacements between 125 and 150 ccm (10 to 19 HP) were designed; the 1966 150 ccm Trial Yack with 19 HP was the last model mentioned in my literature.

NSU Lube

Lube-NSU Condor (USA edition) 1964
This is a late 150 ccm twostroke model. The frame and suspension still has many NSU-like features.


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NSU Lube

NSU Lube

NSU Lube

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Lube Renn Lube Renn 1960

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