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Byra Four Motorcycles

Built by Fernando Batlló in 1972, it was based on two Ossa 500cc twins joined at the hip and mounted in a Yankee frame. [1]

Fernando's sons Jesus and Javier rode the machine. Two versions were built, a street bike and an endurance racer; the 977cc engine delivered 100 h.p. giving it a top speed approaching 240 km/h. It raced at the Montjuich 24hrs in 1972, but crashed, killing the rider.[2]

The Batlló family also built a Byra 500 twin and the Byra 525 triple. In the 1950s Fernando built model aircraft engines which became quite well known in the field.

The Byra Four has been exhibited at the Museu Moto Bassella.

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Notes. 1. A page at ossa.2y.net says the engine is constructed from a twin with extra cylinders on either side, rather than two twins joined in the middle. 2. The rider's name is given as "Cufi" by one source, but another says that the brothers Batlló were riding the machine.

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