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Manuel Giró built a prototype motorcycle combination powered by a modified Soriano four-cylinder marine engine housed in a BMW chassis, and went on to build production motorcycles in the 1940s using improved versions of the Soriano single-cylinder engine.

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keith.mitchell279 at gmail.com
ossa pioneer
i am trying to find out what kind motor im looking at. i have a 74 ossa super pioneer, the motor im trying to figure out has a motor number of m-306245, need to know what year and type of bike it came off of . i know its an ossa just want to know which one
Keith Mitchell
United States

Have no data at present. Should you find a source please share so that it may be added here: Serial Numbers

Wed Jan 18 2017
bktm02 at gmail.com
Restoration questions
Ossa 175 AS Stiletto
Hello Sheldon,
Could you help locating a few items for my restoration of a 1971 Ossa 175 AS Stiletto?
Do you know where I can find a POLIMAT Reinforced Plastics label or photo of that sticker? This label was located on the airbox inlet under the seat. Even a photo would enable me to duplicate the graphics and create a reproduction of the label. I've attached a photo of my damaged label for reference.
I am also looking for the original chrome steel levers and perches for the clutch and front brake levers. Would you know if the levers/perches on a '71 Pioneer are the same as those used on a Stiletto? Did the original perches have a half-round shape or were they flat with an arrow embossed on their face?
I have checked with Alex Snoop (New York), Mike Slate (Baltimore), Doug McMahon (Florida), and Keith Lynas (San Diego) but they do not have these items.
Also, do you have paint codes for the metallic blue on the bodywork and the silver on the airbox and frame?
Have you any photos or a brochure for a 175 Stiletto I could see to use as a reference when restoring mine? They would help in identifying which bolts are chromed and which are zinc/cad plated.
Thanks in advance for any assistance or references you can provide.
Best regards,
Bill Klein
South San Francisco, CA

Should you find information on the paint codes please share so that it may be added here: Paint and Colour Schemes

Sun Feb 14 2016
eddienavarro58 at gmail.com
light switch
montesa 247t cota
I need insructions on what each control on the switch operational functions are for.what the control.besides lights.

Tue Mar 03 2015
dggeuropa at gmail.com
OSSA frame & suspension
I have an OSSA frame & suspension, no engine. The serial# is B-242521, it has 35mm forks,2.75-21 Pirelli moto trial front tire, 4.00-18 rear Pirelli moto trial, black or charcoal grey paint. What model would this be ?
Mansfield, Pa.

Wed Jul 16 2014
paulmcdan at yahoo.com
what do i have
ossa not for sure
i can not find this serial number and needing to know what bike i have ,year and size frame is b252323 and moter is m252323
ft worth tx

Tue Jan 10 2012
jimbienvenu<at>ymaildot com
General Question
Stiletto TT and MX
I'm curious, but what is the difference between the Ossa Stiletto MX and Ossa Stiletto TT? Were they both used to race motocross?  Thanks, Jim

Sun Nov 27 2011
Ossa Logo
Ossa Stiletto
Please tell me what the meaning is of the Ossa logo, and what it is.

Fri Apr 01 2011
qbsli<at>yahoodot com
ossa 160 ts
I am building ossa 160 into a light racing bike, thinking of graffting 230 or 250 top end, are the bottom ends same on all models

Sat Jan 15 2011
samignome<at>hotmaildot com
carb replacement
OSSA 250TRI Trials (1971)
Need to replace carb and throttle cable but can not find them.

Wed Jan 14 2009
cregreb at comcast.net
Ossa GP3
Ossa Phantom
I have posted the phantom on ebay. See item number 320331381252..Bike is a GP3 with a GP2 cylinder

Sat Jan 10 2009
cregreb at comcast.net
ossa yankee ossa 500
to the gentlemen looking for a yankee 500. A freind of mine has one available. I believe the bike has 2 ossa 250 engines grafted together. This one is apparently road legal. Let me know if your interested and I can provide you with further details.
Minnesota, USA

Sat Jan 10 2009
cregreb at comcast.net
1977 Ossa Phantom
Ossa phantom 250
Have a 1977 phantom ossa with simmons forks and fox shocks. Has been in storage since late 70's. Bike needs to be restored and is not mint but mostly complete. Bike is not frozen. Photo's and additional information on request. Best offer
Minneapolis, mn
Hello again. Would you like a pic of the yankee or the ossa?  I was mistaken in identifying the ossa. I thought the forks were simmons but are apparently marzoochi. I did a bit of research on the bike on the net tonight. It has yellow fork legs and fox shocks rear. Apparently it is an as77 with moates mods. I know very little about european vintage mx bike, most of my bikes are post vintage japanese mx bikes. I will take a few pics today and get those out to you. Will you adjust my post accordingly with the photo's? I was hoping on getting the bike into an enthusiasts hands who can give the old bike the attention she deserves
here is the photo of the ossa. Bike has been sitting for 30 years in a shed. it kicks over with compression but there is no carb and is missing control perches, number plate. I think it would be a good basis for a restoration.

Thu Jan 08 2009
ugly-dad at hotmaildot com
76 ossa phantom rebuild
ossa phantom
i've got a phantom that i seized the engine on in 1980 and i wish to restore it,does anyone know where i can get bits from these days,i,ve already got a new piston and rings from youngs m/cycles back in 80,but now whole bike needs resto. can anyone help.thanks Ross
Melbourne Aust.

Sat Nov 08 2008
rlm71 at prodigy.net
'74 Ossa 250 Pioneer
Ossa Pioneer
When cranked, the engine immediately revs up to intollerable RPM's, like wide open. It is not a throttle or carb problem, as they are in good order. Please advise what would cause this.
Wetumpka, AL

Try this page: two-stroke troubleshooting resources.

Sat Jan 05 2008
davidatkinson30 at googlemaildot com
ossa 500 yankee
simon shadbolt, check out mats nyberg website hem.passagen.se/ossa treasure trove for ossa models

Mon Mar 26 2007
mbirtic at aol.com
ossa SDR
Rode one for years. Great woods bike. Only problem was rear brake. It went away when it got wet and nothing brought it back until it totally dried out and you readjusted it. Up side of this is that you learned to turn at speed.
Presently involved with restoraion of SDR and Desert Phantom.  By the way SDR was only available in 73 & 74 after that they replaced it with Super Pioneer and in 78 a special run they call the Black Six Day. Have fun and good luck

Sat Dec 16 2006
sbirc at aoldot com
ossa poster
Hi, could you please tell me where I can buy the poster showing all the ossa bikes thanks sue

This Spanish site has them:

Thu Nov 16 2006
hilleagl at cba.com.au

Hi I have just bought a 2000km 1976 Ossa SDR. It has been in a shed for 29 of its 30 years. Anyone out there care to share their trials and tribulations about the SDR


Sat Sep 23 2006
smithmillcross at yahoo.com
ossa cylinder
230 pionier
can i put a 250 cylinder on a 230, if so what do i need to change?

Wed May 17 2006
gomb at sympatico.ca
1969 OSSA pioneer 230cc
For sale on ebay

Tue Sep 27 2005
henionj at adviondot com
IRZ carburator
I would like to confirm which adjustment screw is which on my 1971 OSSA Pioneer. On the right-hand side of the carb there is an adjustment screw on the rear towards the air filter and another on the front towards the cylinder. I suspect one is low speed and the other is high speed.  Which is which?

Also, how does one adjust the idle speed on this bike?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Sun Aug 21 2005
Rocketma2 at Yahoodot com
OSSA Wiring
I'm having wiring trouble with my 1971 Pioneer. Can you tell me if it is negative or positive ground? Would you know if a wiring diagram is available?
Thanks, Charlie

Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005
subject: 1964 OSSA Sport
See Spanish Motorcycle Forum

February 17th 2005
Ossa sales brochure includes tech data and pictures for models Stiletto MX 175cc & 250cc, The all new Mick Andrews Plonker 250cc "TrialsBike", Stiletto TT 250cc, and The Pioneer 175cc & 250cc. at Ebay

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