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Sun Two-stroke Motorcycles 1914


THE Sun Cycle and Fittings Co., of Aston Brook Street, Birmingham, is specialising on two-strokes, and is busy turning out almost every possible type of machine with 2¼ h.p. engines The following list of models will give a good idea of the range which the company manufactures. The Sun de Luxe is fitted with a Vitesse engine, Thomson Bennett magneto, Albion two-speed and clutch, sight feed lubrication, and Brooks B190 saddle.

Another similar model has a Chater-Lea two-speed and no clutch, and a single-geared machine can be obtained with either Villiers or Vitesse engine. A two-speed machine with a Villiers engine is also listed.

Both Villiers and Vitesse engines have the same capacity, and it will be sufficient to describe the de Luxe model as the latest and most complete type turned out.

The Vitesse engine is very neatly designed and well constructed, and has been produced by experts on two-stroke work Apart from the excellence of port design its main feature is the lubrication system. Oil is fed from a sight feed drip to a well at the top of the crank chamber. Thence the oil flows to the main bearings and big end, and by an ingenious method employing crank case compression is raised to the hollow gudgeon pin by a lead in the cylinder casting, and special provision is made for lubricating the magneto chain. The magneto is carried in front of the engine on a plate cast integral with the crank case and inner portion of the chain case. A large but neat silencer is attached to the unit, and has an extension pipe leading rearwards.

Two Strokes and Clutches.

Behind this unit and chain-driven therefrom lies the latest type of Albion two-speed gear, the most novel feature of which is the new clutch which is of the cork insert type. It is peculiarly smooth in action and very simple to dismount.

The addition of a clutch to a small two-stroke is a blessing which can only be fully appreciated after a trial, and in the coming year we shall see many so fitted.

The cycle work is first rate throughout, and 26 x 2 tyres are fitted, while a large and comfortable saddle such as the Brooks B190 is a feature which will be greatly appreciated by all practical motor cyclists. Aluminium footboards, excellent mudguarding, strong but neat fittings, and a fine finish complete a really serviceable and luxurious little machine at a very moderate price.

The Motor Cycle, November 12th, 1914 p532.