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Sun 3¾ hp Model 1912 at the Olympia Show

SUN, Stand No. 90.

3¾ h.p. Model (single-cylinder): 85x83 mm.; side by side valves; B. and B. carburetter; Sturmey-Archer three-speed; belt.

The Sun Cycle and Fittings Co., Ltd., Aston Brook Street, Birmingham.

Although this model is not entirely new this is its first appearance at Olympia. One notices at a glance that the finish throughout is excellent. There are no very special features, the frame being of the standard dropped tube type and fitted with Druid forks. All frame fittings are coslettised. The tank has neatly rounded edges, and is fitted with large filler caps, lubrication being effected by enclosed hand pump.

Both front and rear guards have short side flaps, and a stand is fitted to each wheel. A neat petrol sump combined with a strainer is placed between the tank and the petrol pipe, while pedalling gear is fitted as standard. The carrier is of the usual type, having pannier toolbags and giving ample accommodation for luggage. A pan saddle is fitted. A very neat clip for Bowden cables is placed under the tank; it consists of a metal trough, which slides in grooves fixed to the base of the tank.

The above description is correct for all Sun models, which are made with the following sized engines: 4 h.p., 85x85 mm., and 4¼ h.p. 90 x 96 mm. (either of these models may be had with Villiers free engine or fixed gear); 2¾ h.p., 70x90 mm-; and 2½ h.p., 70x75 mm. Each model is fitted with an efficient magneto guard and silencer.

Olympia Report, The Motor Cycle, November Nov 28th 1912