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Rex Motorcycles of Halmstad, Sweden

AB Maskinfabriken Rex, Halmstad - A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured 1908-1957

Rex produced bicycles from 1896 before beginning motorcycle manufacture using Motosacoche and NSU engines in small quantities.

In 1911 they offered motor bicycles with M.F.R. (Maskinfabriken Rex) engines.

Rex type 1911, a copy of the NSU with the engine probably made in Sweden, It was fitted with a 2 1/2 PS, 312cc or possibly 310cc, fourstroke V-twin

In 1923 they employed JAP and Villiers powerplants and mass-production began. During the mid to late '20s they built lightweight BMA-style machines, and as the depression deepened these became the most popular motorcycles in Sweden.

1938 saw the advent of the Villiers-engined Rex Midget, available in Sports and Dam versions, and in 1939 a Villiers 200cc 3-speed 8.5 hp model was introduced.

During the war years they produced an electric motorcycle, along with electric-engined commercial vehicles.

During World War II petrol was scarce, so electric motorcycles and tricycles were built in greater numbers than earlier.

The Rex three-wheeler had a single front wheel, motorcycle fashion, and two wheels at the rear supporting a tray or covered body. On early models the engine powered the right rear wheel, and on later models it powered the front wheel.

These Rex machines were primarily small cargo utility vehicles, but could be equipped with a passenger seat. The company also made a number of three-wheeled models with petrol engines.

Adapted from an archive of the Konditori site.

In the 1950s a wide range of mopeds and auxilliary bicycle engines were offered utilising engines and components from JLO, Zundapp, Victoria and others.

Sources: nsu.nu, cykelhistoriska.se, mo-ped.se

N.B. Several firms used the Rex brand.

lidia.maka34 at gmail.com
1946 vin 3313
hello, looking for information about the 1946 Rex motorbike. vin number 3313. (is it 3313 pieces of the motorcycle produced?)
do you know how many units were produced?
we live in sweden but i can't find this information anywhere.
Best wishes
Lidia Maka

    A Rex marque specialist at one of the Swedish motorcycle clubs may be able to answer your questions.

boo.engstrand at devarion.se
Rex Speedy samt Competition
Hej. Är sugen på att ta kort på en speedy då jag inte vet hur fotpinnarna ser ut och sitter. Har två speedy som ska ihop.
Kil, Värmland (Halmstad denna vecka)

Googletrans (fail):
Hi. Am looking to take a short on a speedy as I do not know what the sticks look and sit. Has two speedy to go together.
Kil, Värmland (Halmstad this week)

Sat, 24 Feb 2018
boo.engstrand at autotech.se
Rex Solospeed 1952
Hi. I have a Swedish motorbike (Rex Solospeed) with a Villiers engine. Do not know model or type. Numbering: 844A and nr 702. Can you help me identify which engine it is? Best regards Bosse
Boo Engstrand
Kil Sweden

  • Not clear about the numbers you have sent. Is 844A the Villiers engine suffix and 702 the frame number?
    There is a Villiers 844 listed on this page as a 6E, but this is not necessarily the same as your 844A

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