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Motorcycle of the USSR

Many former USSR marques are mistakenly termed Russian. These errors will be addressed.
As it is now all but impossible to obtain spare parts for Russian motorcycles, links will be included to dealers who may still have old stock.


Also written as Kovrovets and Kovorets.
Produced by a factory in Kovrov (260km NE of Moscow) it was one of a series of machines based on the DKW RT125, the first of which was the ZiD K-125.
This was followed by the Kovrovec K-55, produced 1955 to 1957, and a 175cc version, the K-58, appeared in 1957. The K58 was succeeded by the K-175 which was also produced as the Jawa-Kovrov in small quantities (about 400 units).
From 1959 to 1962 the K175A was built, and the K-175B followed it (1962-1964). The last of this series was the K-175V with either single port cast iron barrel or twin-port alloy, built in 1965 only.
The name changed to Voschod (sunrise) in about 1966 - not to be confused with Vostok. [1]
Limited production competition models included K-55C1, K-58SK, K-58CM, K-175SK, K-175CM, K-175SMU. [2]
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