Watsonian Sidecars

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Watsonian Sidecars

A Brief History of the Marque

Established 1912 in Birmingham, the Watsonian company restructured in 1989 to become Watsonian Squire. In 1955 there were around 160,000 sidecars on UK roads - half of these were Watsonians.

Watsonian History

jillemann1 at gmail.com
1992 Watsonian Cambridge
Hello I need a new brake for sidebike
Jens Illemann

  • Watsonian-1992-Cambridge.jpg posted to Comments.

Mon Jan 30 2017
eherrera888 at yahoo.com
watson rocket sidecar III (on gallery red)
Harley Davidson 1993 heritage softail
Where can I get a Watson sidecar for my Harley. I want one on the right side.
New Jersey USA

That would be a question best posed to the manufacturer. Ed.

Fri Jul 29 2016
ian at therocksathome.com
Rocket III Roadster Sidecar
Triumph Rocket iii roadster 014
Can Watsonian sidecars be sourced in the USA for left hand drive mounting?

That would be a question best posed to the manufacturer. Ed.

Tue Apr 23 2013
watsonian cambridge
hello all

my Project is a Cambridge from Watsonian.
I`m looking for a break of this. May somebody can help me?

Peter Hoeffler / Wolfsburg / Germany


No. I dont means production details.
I means i need the complete break from Watsonian for my sidecar. The break is from grimeca. Production is stopped beginn of the 90th. It´s a disc-break. Was used for the Watsonian Cambridge, Oxford maybe Palma and other. I hope somebody know someone what have this break as rest from a crashed sidecar or from customizing.

best regards

Peter from Wolfsburg / Germany


Some research...
"My Guzzi Watsonian Oxford outfit has a disc brake with the brake caliper hydraulically linked to the linked brakes of the bike..."
"I once had an old airhead BMW R80 with an independently operated drum brake on the Watsonian Palma sidecar, operated by a lever on the side of the chair by the left foot."

here some pictures

the first picture is from the Watsonian - Webside and Show the break. The next two is from my Project. And the last is the same type from a friend.

best regards Peter from Wolfsburg/Germany

Fri Jun 22 2012
Watsonian Bambini
looking for crash bars and Racks and other spares for watsonian Bambini

Fri Nov 26 2010
watsonian bambini box / bambox
looking for a watsonian bambini box or bambox , any condition even bodywork only . WHY ?

Wed Jun 16 2010
adina.nash<at>ntlworld dot com
Lining to inside of sidecar
Watsonian ?
Where can I get the lining for inside of sidecar please?

Mon Mar 01 2010
pcscrapyard<at>hotmail dot com
Their is a 'VINTAGE WATSONIAN SIDECAR FOR TANTUM PUSHBIKE' was used in the Ham & Egg parade and is on auction on ebay, User 'Babse09' Thought you may be interested.

Tue Dec 16 2008
m.vannispen at online.nl
Watsonian Lightweight (1954?)
Hello, a few weeks ago I bought a watsonian sidecar, which type I cannot find on the web. Do You know the fabication year an type. See Photographes.
Greetings. Martin van Nispen Holland.
Breda Netherlands

Thu Nov 20 2008
rsignmaker at aol dot com
eary sidecar
watsonian pushbike
i have a very small sidecar that is marked as watsonian on the back and front i was told it was for a pushbike at the turn of the century. Can anybody through any light on it i wish to sell it but it is very fragile.

Wed May 16 2007
leejcrawford at yahoo.co.uk
Hunt for sidecar!!!
Watsonian Maxstoke 1953 Child/Adult
i'm hoping you might be able to help me.my father passed away recently,and i inherited his sunbeam s7.as a child i remember travelling in this although no one in the family seems to know what happened to the original sidecar.after showing some pictures to some classic bike friends of mine,they quickly informed me this is the model i am searching for.i would like to find a near mint one if possible.so far i have drawn a blank.could you possibly help or point me in the right direction?also having never researched,have you any idea how much i would have to spend? the s7 is original and in excellent fettle,so i really would like a sidecar to match.
yours hopefully

Thu May 10 2007
nannyteeny at hotmail.com
bambini box

Hi I have an old Bambini Box, and am hoping to sell it- I wondered if you could give me
any idea of it's value- it has been resprayed and looks in good condition.

Wed Feb 21 2007
timmarleen at skynet.be
bambini - bambox
looking for watsonian commercial type bambini " bambox " , also looking for right hand site bambini , lambretta connection bracket , .... anything watsonian for lambretta scooter

Fri Jul 28 2006
olly-auker at yahoo.co.uk
Bambini Screen
Watsonian Bambini
I'm looking for a screen for a Watsonian Bambini.
Anything considered.
Kings Lynn

Sun Apr 23 2006
timmarleen at skynet.be
parts needed
watsonian bambini
looking complete suspention unit for a watsonian bambini ! your price paid .
i've attached a picture of the sidecar and one of the actual suspention unit
indeed they used these sidecars on all types of scooters in the late 50's
and 60's . i'm intending to use mine on a lambretta scooter from 61.
i've attached a front picture of the sidecar combo .

Sat Mar 18 2006
smalan at bigpond dot com
sidecar hood
I have a Watsonian sidecar, serial number G3350, which I believe to be an Avon. I am wanting to fit a hood to it and would like to see a pictures of what it looked like originally. We have the steel frame for the canopy.
Thanks and Regards
Fanie Malan

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