Today in Motorcycle History

Wearwell Motorcycles 1903-1904

Two Types of Motor Bicycles

are shown by the Wearwell Motor Carriage Co. The most powerful of these are fitted with 3¼ h.p. vertical air-cooled engines. Great attention has been paid to the details in the construction of these machines; and the very best of components, so far as carburetters, induction coils, and accumulators are concerned, have been employed. The lesser-powered machines are fitted with 2½ h.p. aircooled engines, which are attached to the frame in an inclined position. A forecarriage machine is also to be seen on this stand. In this a 3¼ h.p. vertical water-cooled engine is employed. The drive is by means of chains and a Bowden clutch hub, which gives a free engine. Bowden twisting handle control is also to be found on this machine, and is another instance of its popularity. The disposition of the water-cooling system is always a matter of interest, and in this instance the water tank is clipped to the head of the machine behind the back of the forecarriage, the radiators being placed below the water tank in such a position that the rush of air from beneath the footboard of the forecarriage impinges directly upon the radiators. (Stand 2 9.)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. p850
National Motor and Cycle Show 1903