Wolf Wearwell Motorcycles

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Wolf Motorcycles for 1906

Exhibited at the Stanley Show, November 1905

Wolf Tricar Utility 1905

The Wolf Tradesman's Tricar Carrier, shown at the Stanley Show.

The 1906 Wolf tricar, made by the Wearwell Motor Carriage Company, has a twin cylinder water-cooled engine, outside flywheel, which is manufactured by the company. The drive is by chain and three-speed gear, the gear wheels always being in mesh. There is a large space between the dashboard and the front seat, the top of which is covered by the water tank.

The sides fitted on to this are made with ventilator holes, so that the whole strongly resembles a motor-car bonnet. The change speed lever is attached to the steering column. The band brake on the rear wheel is operated by a side lever.

The front wheel brakes are worked by the driver's left foot. On the particular machine shown, a very large front seat was fitted to accommodate two people. The Wearwell Motor Carriage Co. are also making a speciality of tradesmen's carriers for this year. The Wolf motor bicycles have not been altered to any great extent, with the exception that we noticed that one model shown was fitted with Bowden handle-bar control.

The Stanley Show 1905