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Wolf 1936 Models at the Olympia Show

Wolf 125cc for 1936

...pedalling gear is a feature of the Wolf 125 c.c. Motorised Cycle

A 125 c.c. Wolf-Villiers on bicycle lines ; it is designed for the use of either sex

A 125 c.c. Wolf-Villiers on bicycle lines ; it is designed for the use of either sex


Practical Lightweights and a Motorised Cycle with the 125 c.c. Villiers Engine-gear Unit

There is a single-blade spring fork having a central coil spring; the wedge-shaped tank is slung from the top tubes; and a metal tool box and a rear stand are included in the specification.

The brakes are 4in. in diameter and are interconnected, being applied by a lever on the right handlebar.

Mounted upright in the frame, the engine-gear unit is equipped with a box-type silencer in front of the crank case. There is a clutch and kick-starter, the latter having a folding type of crank.

Super Sports Model.—249 c.c. single-cyl. two-stroke Villiers; automatic lubrication; flywheel magneto ignition; all-chain drive; 3-speed gear with hand control; fuel, 2 ½ gals.; 25x3.00in. tyres. Price with electric lighting (solo), £33 10s.

The 249 c.c. Super Sports model is a straightforward job, well equipped and finished. It has a sloping engine of the two-port type, the exhaust pipes being fitted with large silencers and fishtails.

Another model is the 148 c.c. Wolf “Vixen”; it is finished in blue and chromium. The exhibit is completed by the new 125 c.c. “ Unit,” which employs, of course, the Villiers engine-gear unit. It is a particularly neat motor cycle in miniature.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.