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  • 350cc twingle, 50 degree sloper, only known five speed Sturmey Archer-style gearbox. First motorcycle known to have air-intake filtration. OHC racer made specifically for desert use and run by Tazi Levrier in the Montauban"ôLac Rose race, 1926. Alas, the Afghan (SKC 410) logged a DNF (Shattered Arbuthnot mechanism) while in third place behind an unknown Morrocan made motorcycle and a center-hub steered ABC. Race logs note that even though a DNF, the Afghan did technically take third as eventually all the vehicles involved in the race suffered mechanical failures or accidents. (Note: The race was revived in 1979, starting farther North in Paris). It is alleged though not documented that an Afghan also ran in the doomed Budapest to Cairo Overland Race (1926), though it is confirmed that an Afghan (Engine Number SKC 418) ran in the Marrakesh Tourista Trophy (1927) in a final appearance by the legendary W.H. Bashall. (DNF: Cracked radial lobe).
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