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  • We shall forever be indebted to " or blame shall forever fall upon " Julian, Lord Spagthorpe who, at the close of the Industrial Revolution, brought the obscure centuries-old motorcycle manufactury kicking and screaming into the unwilling limelight of the Twentieth Century.

    Model Dates Engine Layout Remarks
    Aidi 1930s 600 cc inline supercharged W3  
    Springer 1930s boxer twin, overhead point cam enduro; leaf-spring-and- 94-links front suspension. weight: 764 pounds



    Movie appearances: Their Blood Ran Red, 1954; Dark Gumshoe, 1959; Graveyard Ponies, 1968.


    two-piston/ four-cylinder 357cc Hammerhead

    Dalmatian 1930s    


    1930"1932  twin 175cc traction motors  unirotor; chain-driven oil filter
    Miniature Collie 1927 175cc single sidesaddle
    Shar-Pei 1923   first production automatic transmission motorcycle
    Afghan 1920s 350cc twingle First motorcycle known to have air-intake filtration


     1920s  2000cc single cylinder MkII/B First three-wheeled motorcycle
    Dingo 1920s 350cc twingle Rebadged Afghan for the Australian market.
    Weimaraner, Malamute 1920s 600cc single with rotating-cylindrical valve arrangement agricultural transport


    Early 1920s    
    Sheltie 1903"1907 5.5-cylinder, rotarian valve methane fuel
    Boxer ~1900 Opposed triple, two cranks first- ever shaft- drive motorcycle; supercharged version
    Pug 1890s two- cylinder rotary engine in rear wheel the Original Spagthorpe:
    seasoned hickory frame; coplanar pistons
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