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  • There has been much argument over the years as to whether the German maker B√∂hmerland created the design for their motorcycle based on the Weimaraner or if Spagthorpe got the design from them. As the dates on the bikes are apparently identical, we shall never know for sure. We do know that Spagthorpe claimed that the exceptionally long wheelbase and low seat height was created for high speed, straight line stability, whereas in the B√∂hmerland it was just used to sit three stubby Teutonic farmers in a row. Both machines had 600cc singles, though the Weimaraner had an innovative rotating-cylindrical valve arrangement. Very few were made, as this was specifically designed for high speed, straight line use. The only confirmed race use was in a speed trial in Cairo in 1929 by Akbas Akbash. Nothing is known of Mr. Akbash or his survivors.

    The Tervuren Brothers of Belgium are known to have acquired several examples with the intent of racing them, but their successes have been lost to the anals of history.

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