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  • In 1980 young Julian Spagthorpe inherited his Ancestor's title, lands, and mounting expenses for the maintenance thereof. So he hired Royral Barrister Alaistair Bannister to wrest owenership of the once-proud family business from the British National Group. Once in his own capable hands, the legendary motorcycle manufacturing marque continued the centuries-old tradition of fine engineering excellence.

    Model Dates Engine Layout Remarks
    Summer, 2002

    1000cc Y-3 Dual/Single-opposed Triple

    Active Flywheel



    transversely-mounted counter-rotating dual-rotor Wankel

    Exquisitely balanced counterrotating engine accessories

    1800cc twin

    Stealth Sportbike with titanium tubelet space frame weighs 2.9kg; motorcycle weighs 241.3 lbs


      Performance version of Wolfhound. Only known prototype was lost aboard the S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald.
    Wolfhound 1985 1388 cc W-4, desmodromic valves Long-distance cruiser. Shaft drive, liquid cooling, disc brakes, 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission with reverse, air conditioning
    Yorkie 1982 supercharged double counterrotating rotary 25-175hp 19 stone; Reverse Earles fork; single- tube tubular frame
    Iguana 1982 multifuel Diesel engine with electric assist chain/shaft/belt-driven starter motor.
    Doberman 1981 412cc supercharged 2-stroke inline triple  


    1981   First model after company revival. Reverse Earles fork
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