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  • The original British Doberman was marketed in the United States in the 1940s and ’50s as the Spagthorpe Poodle. The latter-day Doberman was produced by after Julian revived the marque in 1981.

    These late model Dobermans were powered by a supercharged two-stroke inline triple of 412 cm^3 displacement, and as you might imagine, they did have a rather extraordinary engine note. Spagthorpe had plans for a “street scrambler” dual-purpose version of the Doberman, but these were shelved during a factory reorganization ca. 1984.

    A much better choice for this (twisty) section of the ride would have been a late-model Doberman (not that any were imported into the US, I believe). That particular model was test-ridden frequently on the tight roads around the Peter Tavy facility, I gather. According to Roger, an ex-neighbour of mine who was in the CID, the West Devon Constabulary had become accustomed to the exhaust note, and made a practice of looking elsewhere while the prototype, often with Julian himself in the saddle, flew past them at quite unbelievable speeds.

    Also see Bird Dog.



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