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  • Suffering from postwar depression and having lost most of its lieutenants in the Recent Unpleasantness, Spagthorpe was in dire need of direction and middle management. This the government was only too happy to provide, and the legendary trademark was absorbed into the British National Group.

    Model Dates Engine Layout Remarks

    Pit Bull / Rhino


    fuel injected 2700cc 3/4 valves per cylinder Flat-7; 6-cylinder EC-driven supercharger; 8-speed transmission; 2-speed forward/reverse transfer case

    Grand Touring with Sidecar. Dual 24v/48v electrical system.

    Albino-Bulldog sidecar


    50cc, 65cc 3-cycle single

    Unsuccessful design built under license in Italy and sold in the U.S. by Harley-Davidson
    Water Spaniel 1968 two-wheel-drive qwingle Entire production run lost aboard the S. S. Poseidon.
    Newfoundland Springer Spaniel 1964 21,200cc W-14 engine Derivative of Mastiff
    Scottish Terrier 1960s   touring model at a budget price


    1950s Nuclear-Powered Cherenkov radiation headlights
    Apso-Spag 1950s single-cylinder turbocharged 600lb with sidecar
    Bulldog 1950s 2000cc single  
    Indomitable 1950s in- wheel radial steam engines  
    Irish Setter 1950s   depleted-uranium flywheel in rear wheel
    Poodle 1950s   US-market version of Doberman.
    Viking 1950s C-twin; overhead point cam with hydraulic valve actuation Derivative of Springer

    Mastiff, War Mastiff

    1940s 16,000cc W-10 engine  
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