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  • I’m confused. Is this a local nickname, or is it another case of them reusing a model name? The only Spagthorpe Chihuahua I know about was built about 25 years ago under license in Italy (by Motoveta di Travitori? one of those little manufacturers no longer in business) using most of the original Chihuahua design, but never sold under the Spagthorpe or Chihuahua name.

    I say “most” of the design because they could never get the original 3-cycle engine to work right, eventually devolving it to a 2-cycle plus pedals for production purposes. The engine design is also why it was never produced in England as part of the marque.

    Anyway, it was never sold in Italy either. The Italians were the OEM for what was sold in the USA as the (AMF) Harley Davidson M-50 Leggero. Over 4,000 of the 50cc (and later 65cc) machines were sold before Harley Davidson got out of the moped business. And never a mention of Lord Spagthorpe was made in any of the H-D literature.

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    Subject: Re: Spagthorpe odyssey
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    Date: 1992-08-16 12:16:36 PST
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