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    In 1980 young Julian Spagthorpe inherited his Ancestor's title, lands, and mounting expenses for the maintenance thereof. So he hired Royal Barrister Alaistair Bannister to wrest ownership of the once-proud family business from the British National Group. Once in his own capable hands, the legendary motorcycle manufacturing marque continued the centuries-old tradition of fine engineering excellence.

    Basenji - Wolfhound - Yorkie


    British National Group Era

    Suffering from postwar depression and having lost most of its leftenants in the Recent Unpleasantness, Spagthorpe was in dire need of direction and middle management. This the government was only too happy to provide, and the legendary trademark was absorbed into the British National Group.

    Water Spaniel - Pit Bull - Airedale - Mastiff

    Pit Bull / Rhino
    Pit Bull

    Classic Era

    We shall forever be indebted to"”or blame shall forever fall upon"”Julian, Lord Spagthorpe who, at the close of the Industrial Revolution, brought the obscure centuries-old motorcycle manufactory kicking and screaming into the unwilling limelight of the Twentieth Century.

    Shepherd - Rottweiler - Boxer - Pug - Bulldog

    Steyr Pooch

    Undated Era

    Radioactive carbon-dating techniques have not proven fruitful in determining the dates of manufacture of these deservedly obscure breeds of Spagthorpe.

    Dachshund - St. Bernard

    (Chaim Pistah)
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