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  • Found on a newsgroup recently...

    You could get queerer drive if you attempted to use a chain to drive a shaft that spun and turned a belt " and all that would be just between the starter motor and the engine!

    And this contraption would run on diesel, but will also support methane, ethanol, olive oil, gasoline and have an assisting electric motor. And it will also have wings, not because it can fly, but just because wings are so cool.

    I see someone has dug up the sole non-road-going Spagthorpe again! Have we ever found the sole prototype?

    The Spagthorpe Iguana broke both the naming convention and the road-bike convention that had been Spagthorpe for centuries. Lord Julian decided to try his hand at a different sort of racing venture, and commissioned his engineers to design a machine capable of the rigors of the Paris-Dakar race.

    Sadly, the complexity of the final drive (though providing near-ideal packaging and suspension travel) caused many failures during the race. In frustration, the race rider shoved his motorcycle into an arroyo and walked off into the desert in disgust. The hollow wings caused the machine to float, and when the rains came to the desert, the sole Iguana was washed out to sea...


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