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  • For those who have forgotten, or never knew, in the weeks that followed the ill-famed Bonneville disaster, things did not go well for Lord Julian Spagthorpe. Edmond Fitzgerald, Peer of the Realm, Duke of Dunderwood, and Jule’s best mate resigned from the effort shortly after the Chronometer Controversy stating simply, “They don’t pay me enough to ride that thing, Old Chap.” The bike was to be returned to England via shipboard. But through some as-yet-undetermined means, the Werewolf, the only Werewolf, fell overboard while traversing Lake Superior. It was thought to be lost forever.

    Coincident with the discovery of the S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald (no relation), as chronicled on a National Geographic teevee special, the crate containing the Werewolf was salvaged. Through a rather circuitous route, it has come into the possession of a friend of mine (who may have traded some of his Argentine Vincents for it, but can’t pass up a “deal” when he sees one).

    At any rate, the Werewolf, Land Speed Record Attempter, was the high performance version of the Wolfhound. Few photographs remain. Needed are: the chronometer (of course), right footpeg assembly parts #RFP14 - #RFP29, and ALL of the nuts and bolts for the left side of the bike (Whitworth left hand thread). It seems that the chronometer was destroyed in the original “incident,” the footpeg assembly damaged by the grappling hook during recovery from the lakebed (see the PBS special), and the hardware by some chowderhead that can’t tell Whitworth from Woolworth intoning, “Lefty loosey, righty tighty,” as he destroyed all of the “wrong side of the Atlantic, wrong side of the road, wrong side of the bike” hardware with standard and metric wrenches.

    Some Spagthorpe Poodle bolts and peg assembly pieces will also fit, I am told. Email replies only, please. We wouldn’t want this to get out. For those interested, most of the engine internals are interchangable with early AMC Nash Metropolitan parts, and much of the gearbox is Wilson pre-select.


    The Werewolf is not the only unseaworthy Spagthorpe. The entire production run of Water Spaniels was lost aboard the S. S. Poseidon.

    Spagthorpe Home Newsgroups:
    Subject: Wanted: Parts for Spagthorpe Werewolf (yes, THAT, Werewolf)
    Summary: Long-lost land-speed record-attempter found at last...
    Keywords: Spooge, Spagthorpe, Chronometer Controversy
    Date: 5 Aug 92 02:43:42 GMT
    Organization: Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, Nashville, TN, USA
    Originator: Flash - - DoD # 412
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