Cotswold Signpost Rally

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    Attention illustrious Spagthorpe affiliates:

    Just a reminder that the Cotswold Signpost Rally will take place as usual, (over the previous 13 years), on Sunday 17th August 2003 and regulations are available from the organiser:

    Reg Eyre, KOBI
    High Beech
    GL53 9PA

    As usual, the Bovenizer Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner. This trophy is an original barrel and blind head from a Spagthorpe Whippet and was last used at the VMCC Banbury Run three years ago by Reg Eyre KOBI in his Spagthorpe Special.
    If any readers wish to enter, please contact the organiser. If you are holidaying in the area come and visit.

    (KOBI - Knight Order of Bloody Idiots)

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