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  • Did you get spam that looks like it came from us?

    Sorry; we didn't send it.

    Some e-mail virus has been sending out tons of e-mail with forged return addresses that point to However, a little bit of research will show you that the IP addresses don't match up and that the e-mail generally comes from Microsoft Outlook Express, a product well known for harboring Internet viruses.

    Please don't complain to us; please don't complain to our ISP. If you want to complain, talk to Microsoft about their buggy and unsecure software. Talk to your ISP or your IT personnel about how to secure Outlook, Outlook Express, and Entourage. Ask them why not even The Spagthorpe Motorcycle Company will touch Microsoft e-mail programs. Whatever you do, don't open attachments, even if they look like they come from your network administrator!

    The best solution is to get yourself a real computer.

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