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Australian ACME by Bennet & Wood, Sydney, 1950s
These machines were assembled and marketed by Bennett & Wood who built Speedwell bicycles and were also BSA importers for NSW. The engine was a Villiers 125cc 9D, the wheels were Dunlop and the frame was built locally. The Acme was phased out after the BSA Bantam arrived in numbers.

Sources: brianguthrie at optusnet.com.au, and Mark of Gosford

Acme motorcycle (1911-13)

The Acme Motor & Engineering Company of Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria built Acme motorcycles based on Chater-Lea frames utilising Fafnir and Moser powerplants.

asjones327@ at mail.com
47 villiers acme
Do you have l/h & r/h acme tank decal as pictured?

ubeautcleaning at internode.on.net
Acme Frame Number 0927 or D927
I have two Acme Motor bikes with 9D Villiers 2 Stroke motors frame number for the one i am restoring is 0927 or D927 . I know they were built in Sydney from 1939 - 1949 . Can you help me know the correct year of this bike was made and can transfers be obtained ? Also the estimate value of this bike plus are they rare ?
Sidney Walker

  • Currently have no information relating to frame numbers. The section on Villiers engine numbers may prove helpful. Bikelinks has a section on transfers and decals. Ed.

John Obierzynski

April 23rd 2017

Posted in commments on the British Acme:
Hi i have just purchased a 1949 Acme that is a one owner since new ,and around 1962 it was parked up in the garage and the engine pulled out an i have just found it while doing some work on someones motor car.The Acme is about 99%complete except its missing the pump and the tool box.My issue is i am trying to find out the correct colour as the tank has been stripped back to bare metal then painted army green but under the middle of the tank its painted the pale cream colour .The ones that i have found so far are black with a cream coloured panel on both sides of the fuel tank .Can any body help me ,its engine number starts with 351 and frame number starts with C1 .

Mon Jan 11 2016

danobrien101 at gmail.com
Any advice please
Acme Villiers 9d Australian made
I have a basketcase and I am trying to find anything I can about the bike other than on this site. Books manuals websites anything really. I would like to revive the old girl. Found dumped behind a shed. The owner was going to fix it but hasn't touched it for over 30 years. Criminal. He also has a triumph tr3 sitting out in the weather for the same length of time. As I said criminal. Thank-you for your time. Please help. Dan

Thu Oct 01 2015
steve at outdooradventurecamps.com.au
125 acme
125 acme villiers 125
I am looking at buying a acme 125 with the villiers engine which is in reasonabel condition , however in the effort of making a fair offer for it can anyone suggest what it might be worth . Thanks Steve

Please see the page on valuations.

Wed Mar 20 2013
logo on tank
acme villiers 1948
I wondered if i could ask a faver?
I need to know lenth of acme logo- also height of cream oval-- and lenth ---and how fare from
bottom of tank--- and how fare from front of tank---
Hope you can help.
regards paul batten

Sun Jun 28 2009
srobbo22 at hotmail dot com
Australian ACME 1949
ACME 1949 ACME 1949
How much are these bike worth, and is it hard to get parts for?
Aust, Cairns

  • The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful. Engine parts are fairly easy to come by - see the Villiers section - and many of the components are common to other similar makes.

Sat Jan 19 2008
sanlirra at bigpond dot com
acme 1948 acme 1948 125cc
I currently bought an ACME it's in good condition and i was looking for more info about the bike. I think it needs a little work to restore it.
Leo Demaria
Melbourne. Victoria AUSTRALIA

Tue Oct 09 2007
pebrally at yahoo.com.au
acme villers parts
acme villers
Hi i am sort couple of parts ie,steering shart & links tool box, pump, r/h foot pedle&rubbers stickers
Regards paul batten

Wed Nov 01 2006
mgatt at ceinternet.com.au
Acme Motorcycle

The Australian Acme was built in Sydney by Bennet & Woods who also built the Speedwell bicycle. The engine was a Villiers 125cc 9D, the wheels were Dunlop and the frame was built locally.

Gosford, NSW, Australia

Sat Oct 29 2005
pythons at internode.on.net
seaking more info
Hi. A very good friend of mine has an ACME he bought and restored and was chasing more info about the bike. the bike was used in longreach queensland postal service. bought by and then sold to him.

Not sure if you can help but if theres any record or anything of the bikes that were sent out to Longreach for the postal service. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

I suspect that it's an Australian built Acme assembled by one of the larger Sydney motorcycle companies, possibly Hazel & Moore. Ed. (Actually Bennett & Wood, see above)

Mon Jun 13 2005
bobmcgrath21 at hotmail.com
1949 Acme
Dear sir,
The 1949 Acme in your photo has nothing to do with the earlier veteran Acme that later formed part of Rex Acme. This Acme is an Australian motorcycle assembled in Sydney from British parts.


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