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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Etablissements B.C.R.
2 rue Etienne-Dolet
Raynal et Berteletto (1923)

Raynal's motorcycles were among the first to use rear suspension. He was also manufacturer of Poinard* machines. Many models had 98cc or 174cc two stroke engines, others were fitted with sv and ohv JAP engines of 248cc, 348cc and 498cc.
~ Tragatsch

B.C.R. were possibly the initials Bashir, Collin and Raynal or, more likely, B. Collin (the engine manufacturer) and Raynal.

1920 Moto-Scooter
1923 250cc & 350cc models, with Belgian Victory swinging arm rear suspension powered by Bashir and Collin engines.

1925 - 125cc, 250cc & 350cc models. The 250 is a single-speed belt drive machine.
1926 - Belt drive models with JAP fourstrokes and Bashir and Collin two-stroke engines.
1927 - Models fitted with rear suspension of a different design and manufacture.
1929 - BCR was taken over by the sidecar manufacturer Poinard. There is no further mention of the marque after 1930.
Sources: Tragatsch, JLB Web.

Notes* Some doubt about this. Tragatsch may mean that Poinard built BCR machines briefly after purchasing the company after the stock market crash of 1929.
zhumoriste.over-blog.com writes of this marque in an article dated 22 February 2013
There was a British marque named Raynal. There appears to be no relationship.

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