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Benoît-Gonin Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Alexandre Benoît-Gonin

5 et 5 bis rue cité-Delassalle

Early machines were powered by Givaudan engines, and later Zedel V-twins of 700cc.

Following the armistice there were a good many war surplus machines on the market - HD and Indian from America, and BSA, Triumph and Douglas from the UK - making it almost impossible for the tiny Lyon factory with 12 staff producing two machines per week to remain viable, so in in 1924 Benoît-Gonin ceased motorcycle manufacture and returned to his previous activities as a watchmaker and jeweller.

Models include:
Benoit-Gonin 350cc Anzani, 1921
Benoit-Gonin Type 2C14C 750cc MAG with 3-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox, 1913-1919.

Lyon racing results, 9th May 1920:
Sidecars 500cc
1. Jean Borgotti (G.L.),
2. Albert Sourdot (Benoît-Gonin),
3. Chapon (Benoît-Gonin)

MOTO REVUE 2135 – 27 juillet 1973
Histoire de la marque Benoit Gonin

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