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Dax 1932 Typ A 350cc OHV
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

France 1932-1936 1
Established by Pierre de Font-Réaulx, previously of DFR, and Robert Dahan.
According to Tragatsch, these were well-designed machines with two-stroke engines from 98cc to 174cc and four-stroke ohv unit-construction engines from 123cc to 498cc.

There are relationships with Dollar, DFR and Dresch.

"Ces motos bénéficiaient d'une excellente technologie, pour un prix de vente bas", reads the advertising of the day. (Excellent value for money considering the advanced technology). Another advertisement reads, "Sur ce moteur, les solutions les plus chères ont été employées sans parcimonie, parce qu'elles sont les seules qui puissent donner entière satisfaction." (On this engine, the most expensive solutions have been used without cutting corners, as they are the only ones that can give complete satisfaction).

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1932 : type A 350 cm3 culbutée
1934 : type A 350 cm3 bi-tube modèle sport
1934 : type AU 175 cm3 deux temps
1936 : 100 cm3 Baby 4 temps è culbuteurs double échappement BMA (Twin-port OHV single)
1936 : Rafale 350 et 500 cm3. Hi-cam OHV twin-port, unit-construction. Named for the Caudron Rafale aircraft, one dear to the heart of former pilot Pierre de Font-Réaulx.

Sources: JLB Creations,, Guélon Collection, Tragatsch

Notes 1) Tragatsch gives a start date of 1932, as does, but says 1930. The history of DFR notes that Pierre de Font-Réaulx left that firm in 1932.

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Dax motorcycle
Dax Moto Black Dax 125cc
Can you tell me the overall length of the machine and the total weight

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