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Fantic Bronco TC4 had a 50cc Garelli 4 speed engine.
Fantic Bronco TX6 had a 50cc Minarelli 4 speed.

Fantic models include:

  • 2006- 50 Regolarità Competizione
    Type: Enduro 50cc single

    2009-12 Caballero 125 water cooled
    Type: Motard 125cc single

    2010- Caballero motard
    Type: Motard 50cc single

    2007-10 Caballero Motard aircooled 125
    Type: Motard 123cc single

    1981-86 Caballero rc 125
    Type: Enduro 123cc single

    2007-10 Caballero regolarità 125 AC aircooled
    Type: Enduro 123cc single

    2009- Caballero regolarità 200
    Type: Enduro 200cc single

    2005- Caballero Regolarità Casa
    Type: Enduro 49cc single

    2006-10 Caballero Supersei 50
    Type: Motard 50cc single

    1985-93 Raider 250
    Type: Enduro 250cc single

    1990-95 RC 80
    Type: Cross 80cc single

More Fantic models:

  • 50 50cc 1969-1972

    50 Caballero 50cc 1969-1971

    50 Caballero 4M 50cc 1972-1974

    50 Caballero 6M 50cc 1972-1974

    50 Diablo 50cc 1972-1976

    50 RG Casa 50cc 1975-1978

    50 RG Casa 50cc 1978-1980

    50 RG Comp. 50cc 1975-1978

    50 RG-Comp. 50cc 1978-1980

    50 RG Super 6M 50cc 1975-1978

    50 RG Super 50cc 1978-1980

    50 Super Rocket 50cc 1972-1980

    75 RG-Comp. 75cc 1979-1980

    80 Enduro Comp. 80cc 1981-1982

    100 Caballero 100cc 1969-1972

    100 Caballero 100cc 1971-1972

    125 125cc 1972-1974

    125 Chopper 125cc 1972-1974

    125 CR-195M 125cc 1975-1976

    125 RG Comp. 5M 125cc 1975-1976

    125 RG Comp. 6M 125cc 1976-1977

    125 RG Comp. 125cc 1978-1980

    125 Trial 125cc 1977-1979

    200 Trial 200cc 1979-1981

    240 Trial 240 1982-1985

    Chopper 125cc 1972-1975

    TI 50cc 1972-1974

    TX6 50cc 1970-1972

    TX7 50cc 1970-1972

ryandauncey at btinternet.com
fantic chopper tx134 1976
hi ,I am looking for a backrest and fishtail exhaust for my fantic chopper ,can you help me
ryan dauncey

Wed Jan 25 2017
targablueshark at aol.com
wiring diagram
Fantic Broncco TX-7
In need of a Fantic Broncco TX-7 mini bike wiring diagram

Wed Oct 19 2016
medsci at iinet.net.au
Fantic KID 50cc Automatic Minarelli parts
Fantic KID 50cc Automatic Mono Fantic KID 50cc Automatic Mono
Can you please direct me a seller who can supply parts for my Fantic KID 50cc Automatic and my FM439 80cc motorcycles.
Many thanks,

Fri Jan 02 2015
kfh15 at outlook.com
complete exhaust
fantic tx7 deluxe 50 cc
Hi cud you help me I need a complete exhaust for my Fantic TX7 50cc

Tue Jul 22 2014
donkeyhaut15 at hotmail.com
center stand
Fantic Koala 80
Do you have replacemnt centre stand for this machine?
Granada, Spain

Wed May 21 2014
office at ink-noe.net
For Sale
Fantic Caballero Caballero 50 cc Regolarita Competizione, 160.00.1603
Fantic Caballero, used, without papers to be sold … Have a look, take it with you …
(German, English, French, Spanish)
A, north of Vienna

Sat Nov 09 2013
Fantic restoration
fantic bronco
I am restoring a 45 or 50 year old Fantic mini bike and I am looking for a motor.

  • If it's a Minarelli-engined model, spare parts and complete engines are readily available. See the Minarelli link above. Ed.

Sun Jun 23 2013
fantic 305 fork slider
fantic 1989 305
Looking for a 1989 Fantic 305 front fork slider the side without the brake caliper. THANKS jeff
St Louis MO.usa

Sun Oct 14 2012
Fantic Roller
Fantic-Motor,Barzago FM 1381-Pony 5501647
Suche eine Betriebsanleitung oder Ersatzteilliste. Könnten Sie mir diesbezüglich weiterhelfen..
vielen Dank

Wed Jun 13 2012
Year of bike 1975 ish
Fantic Caballero 50cc
How do I find the year of my bike when I have no log book or number plate.

Mon Jan 23 2012
Fantic Mini Bike
Fantic V1/GB
I am trying to locate a source of spares and information for a friend who has a Fantic Mini Bike he would like to restore. Any information would be greatfully received.
Bristol. UK

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