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A brilliant motorcycle designer, Frenchman Claude Fior built GP racers and high-end sports motorcycles, collaborating with the likes of Boxer who built a Lamborghini based on his work. His 500cc GP machines were equally exotic, one of which was raced in Japan by Swiss rider Marco Gentile in 1988. Fior achieved a credible 8th at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1979 on his Fior-Yamaha XS1100 fitted with his forks, and got a 3rd in the 1980 Austrian 1000km FIM championship on a motorcycle built around his own chassis, again with the new forks.

He collaborated with Norman Hossack of Zimbabwe to fit an unusual front end which proved very successful. The same design was earlier fitted to John Britten's machines, and was adapted by BMW for their K1200S and K1200R Duolever models.

Modern Brough Superior models also use these forks, which they describe as "the Fior Design wishbone fork system".

Hossack, a motorcycle racer himself and mechanic for McLaren F1, patented the idea in 1984 but after the demise of Britten allowed it to expire. BMW then took it up.

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