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ACS Siccardi Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Developed in 1981.

An endurance racer designed and built by Ateliers de Construction Siccardi. René Siccardi was well established in the automotive field as a parts supplier and specialist crankshaft builder. He and François Denin (Matra) built a three-cylinder 999cc engine, the ACS S.3, with DOHC and and four valves per cylinder. It developed 150 hp at 11,000 rpm for a top speed of 284 km/h. The chassis was built by Claude Fior.

The plan was to enter endurance races in 1982 and begin production in 1984 with an expectation of 5000 motorcycles and 10000 engines over the following 5 years. Development took place in the ACS plants at Villeneuve le Roi and Liancourt.

The project was scuppered when the FIM changed the regulations to limit capacity to a maximum of 750cc.

For a time Siccardi was in partnership with Barigo