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Givaudan 1903 3hp
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

40 rue Sainte Genevieve, Lyon

Machines date from at least as early as 1900 when they built a water-cooled tricycle. Four known examples of the marque exist at Musée Henri Martre, Rochetaillée-sur-Saône (near Lyon), at Musée château de savigny les beaune, and in the Collection de Maurice Chapleur in NE France. The fourth was part of the Guélon Collection

In addition to complete motorcycles, Claude Givaudan built engines in Lyon and supplied them to Terrot, L’albatros, and La Francaise Diamant among others. He also built aircraft engines including a V8, and was a pioneer aviator. His aircraft were not succesfull, and a famous aviator of the day said that he only had one fear: that it would actually take off.

Givaudan is mentioned in "The Motor" of Dec 1903 
Both Henshaw and Tragasch list a British-made Givaudan, but not a French one. Under Terrot, Wikipedia also referred to Givaudan as British but this has since been corrected.

Sources: Bill Phelps

Mon Jan 18 2010
wcsphelps at
new manufacturer
Givaudan not known
A manufacturer from Lyons, France who was more well known for his aero engines than his motorcycles. He supplied engines to other manufacturers such as Terrot.

Thu Oct 06 2005
dirk.praet at
Please notice you did use a photograph of my bike Givaudan: this is not a British bike but a French bike 1904 from Lyon. In France there was also Givaudan, made by F. Givaudan, for testing engines being an aviation pioneer

Dirk Praet

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