French Motorcycles

Iris Motocyclettes

Manufactured by François Haustgen 1902-1904.

33, Rue de L'Esperance, Paris.

Also listed as Haustgen and Roussin, a Haustgen motorcycle was presented at the 1902 Paris Salon.

Produced Iris air-cooled and water-cooled IOE motorcycle engines, and Iris motorcycles.

The Gloriator used Iris engines.

Francois Fernand Haustgen patent GB190223658A: Improvements in Clutch Mechanism for Explosion Motors Principally Intended for Motor Cycles, published Feb 1903.

Sources: Bourdache (p146), lva-moto.fr, patents.google.com

The Iris brand was used for French, British and Italian motorcycles, and also for British sidecars in the 1920s.

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