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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1907-1954 by Gentil et Cie
75ter rue de Viliers
Neuilly-sur-Seine (Seine)
In 1914 the Factory address is given as 47, Rue Cartier-Bressona Pantin (Seine), with the head office in Paris at 8, Rue Descombes.

Models using Diamant engines were named thus, but there were also machines from 1905 listed in a catalogue for Societe La Francais with the brand of simply Diamant. They also sold automobiles and bicycles under the Diamant label in 1912, and in the same year they advertised LMD motorcycles with Diamant 64x75 2hp engines and Quentin 76x85 engines.

1913 saw the introduction of the Modele A Monocilindrique 64x90mm. The same catalogue announces the Modele B 2 3/4hp V-twin, 54x75mm. There were also handsome automobiles.

All of the 1914 models were named La Francais Diamant. The Type A remained in the catalogue and the Type E V-twin was introduced, 4hp 66x73mm, with pedals and belt drive, along with a more expensive Type E bis, sans pedals. A combination was also offered, the 6hp Type D, 68x100mm.

Before and after the 2nd World War they built BMA machines. The company was absorbed by the Gentil group, after which their output was very similar to Labor, Alcyon, Thomann, Olympique and Armor lightweight models.

Sources: JLB Creations, vieilleschainesvillefranchoises.e-monsite.com

Sun, 03 Sep 2017
lenka.pazoutova at centrum.cz
motorcycle La francaise 1922?

Hello, unfortunately, i cannot find information about our motorcycle La francaise diamant. Could you find out what year is it and send me information, image and list of parts, which to the motorcycle belongs ? I want my motorcycle to go back to original state. Thank you for answers. Greeting Lenka Pa...outov...

Mlad... Boleslav Czech Republic

La-Francaise-Diamant-1922c-MBo.jpg posted to Comments

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