Lapébie Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Mercier 1957

There were four cyclists named Lapébie: the brothers Roger (1911-1996) and Guy (1916-2010) and their sons, Christian (1937-2014) and Serge (1948-1991), respectively. The name of Lapébie was very well known in cycling circles of the 1950s and this name was given to one of the brands built by Mercier. The Lapebie machines were almost identical to machines branded Ravat, Louison Bobet and André Leducq.

A Lapebie lightweight was advertised for sale, fitted with 2-speed 98cc Villiers engine. It has a large chainguard on the right and a dropped frame (ladies' style), primitive telescopic suspension and rigid rear.

Sources: Club Ydral

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