Royal-Fabi 1955 50cc

Encore une nouvelle marque, lancée par les établissements Martin-Moulet, les nouveaux constructeurs du moteur Martinet 50 cmc.

Martin-Moulet Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by SIFEC 1953-54
40 avenue Gallieni, Bagnolet (Seine)
also 150 Avenue Roger Salengro, Champigny sur Marne (seine)

Le Martinet Mopeds
Models include:

  • De Luxe 49.63cc two-stroke, single and two-speed

Fitted with 49cc one- and two-speed engines

The Valmobile was introduced at the 1952 Paris Salon. When disassembled, it fits in a valise. The prototype was powered by a 60cc Alter, with production machines running Villiers 98cc engines.
More on the Valmobile

Martinet engines were also employed in the Racer of St Etienne.

See also Valmobile

Sources:, La Moto Francaise, Amis Terriens,, et al.

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