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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Lucer 1953-1959 1

7 Rue de la Sous Préfecture
Hazebrouck (Nord)

Lucer production figures:

    1954: Mopeds 50cc: 5,153 and 100cc mopeds: 635.
    1956: Mopeds 50cc: 6,116 and 100cc mopeds: 358.
    1957: 50cc Mopeds - 10,772; 100cc mopeds - 189; 125cc mopeds - 4 (and 10,050 bicycles).

In 1956 Lucer merged with several other companies: Gentil, VAP, and Rhonson. Lucer machines remained on the market until at least 1960.

In 1957 there were 105 employees at the Lucer factory

Lucer used AMC and Aubier Dunne, and later Sachs and Ydral

Lucer Models include:
Ondine 1956, 49.9 cc Himo engine, the first moped with plastic bodywork.
Type GD 1 1959 49.9cc VAP engine
Trilucer 1959 Triporteur 49.9cc Sachs engine
Triton moped, with pressed-metal chassis and rear supsension
Baroudeur 98cc
AK3 & AK6 98cc Sachs 1957-58
Types 563, 570, 571, 572, 572, 573, 590, 591, 592, 593
SK 1, SK 2

1. Some sources indicate later than 1959.

l'Industrie du cycle à Hazebrouck by Jean-Pascal Vanhove. ISBN 978-2-9528949-1-3

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