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Sat Jul 02 2016
swords at bigpond.com
Montgomery Rebuild
Montgomery 1938 350
first pic of dry build

Fri Aug 16 2013
Another bike manufacturer for the list
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Dear Sheldon,
searching on the web to find some detailed information on a pic showing my grandfather on a strange motorbike, I got the answer now. It's a 1929 Montgomery with a 490ccm JAP engine. Hope that this is worth an addition to the list ...
Best regards,
Stuttgart / Germany

Montgomery 1929 JAP 490

Thu Jun 24 2010
Motorcycle to identify
JAP SV engine Mongomery frame ?
Please I would like to ask if somebody is able to identify motorcycle on photos. Thanks for answer.

Sun Feb 17 2008
imayrp at gmail dot com
i cant find nothing
montgomery 250cc
i own a 1939 montgomery 250cc ohv jap motor. the bike has been in my family for 69 years and there is alot of legend on it from other family members. but i cant find any info on it what so ever on the net. is there anybody who can help me please


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