VMO Troll Scooters

The VMO factory in Lamspringe (between Hildesheim and the Harz region) designed the TROLL in 1949 as a scooter described as "a fine vehicle for doctors, priests, salesmen, nurses and others who need cheap transportation." There was also a three-wheel version with a carrier at the rear (Zweiradrollern mit Pritsche) which was a strong contender for the Fugly award.

The front wheel was driven by an JLO twostroke engine. Production ended in 1951. Later, the FAKA factory in Salzgitter bought the design.

The name Troll was also used by IWL for one of their scooters in the 1960s. In this case the name "Troll" is an acronym of TourenRoller Ludwigsfelde

Submitted by Hartmut Schouwer

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Troll 1 scooter
Do you know where I can find piston and rings for the Troll 1 scooter? I can’t find any parts for the bike. Thank you!

  • First identify the model of JLO engine fitted to your machine, then contact one of the suppliers of JLO engine components.

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