VAP Cyclemotors

VAP Cyclemotors

Société VAP
109 rue de Merville, Hazebrouck (Nord)
(Previously Société ABG, Paris)

The company began as ABG making electrical components, and as VAP in 1949 built their first clip-on bicycle engines, with complete mopeds following shortly. The VAP name comes from the names of the designers, Verot and Andriot Pierre.

VAP over the years acquired or merged with Alcyon, Armor, La Française Diamant, Gentil, Labor, Lucer, Rhonson and Thomann. In 1960 or thereabouts the company was acquired by Cazenave, which purchased Paloma around that time.

VAP Cyclomoteurs included:
VéloVap 1959-1962 49.9cc, various models ie Luxe & Export
Model S2V Super VAP
Models S3V & S4V Spécial-Monneret
Model Agena
Model Strada 220
Model Flash 300
Model S2C & S3C
19ter Baroudeur
TRI S2 Trimoteur Sachs 47cc

ABG/VAP Engine types:

  • VAP
  • VAP 2
  • VAP 3
  • VAP 4 40/38mm, 48cc, single speed, 1948~54
  • VAP 4 DT
  • VAP A 40/38mm, 48cc, single speed
  • VAP B 40/38mm, 48cc, single speed
  • VAP G 40/38mm, 48cc, two speed
  • VAP 5
  • VAP 55 40/38mm, 48cc, single speed
  • VAP 55/3
  • VAP 57 40/38mm, 48cc, single speed
  • VAP 57/3
  • VAP 610
  • VAP 630
  • VAP Pi1
  • VAP Pi2 38/44mm, 49.9cc, 2 speed, 1958
  • VAP 100
  • VAP 110 49/58mm, 110cc, 3 speed, 1960
  • VAP VV (VeloVap)
  • B.M.A. 25
  • Sources: Cycle Memory, Wikipedia NL, la-moto-francaise

    t.d.thaysen at gmail.com
    vap abg 55
    missing this clunch (foto)
    Torben Thaysen
    Vap clutch image posted to Comments.
    fredrik.aldentun at mxd.nu
    Hello we need a needle for the throttle
    fredrik Aldentun

    klw at centurytel.net
    1944 VAP2
    Can you help me identify an OLD Bicycle engine I bought from an auction..
    Kenneth W

    • Engine no. appears to be 365781, but last 3 digits have been poor stamped. It does not appear to be a Vap 2 engine. Identification may be available in the Vap section at Cyclememory.org.
      Vap 1944 images posted to Comments.

    eben at capebar.co.za
    VAP 4 cyclemotor

    I have a VAP engine but I am missing the needle of the throttle piston inside the zenith carburetor. Can anybody help me with the dimensions of the needle to have a new one made or tell me which other carburetors will be compatible with the engine?

    Cape Town, South Africa
    Thu Jun 29 2017
    tony.c.l.aspland at gmail.com
    Looking for parts
    ABG cycle motor VAP4
    I am trying to find a complete stator plate and flywheel to restore my ABG VAP4 cyclemotor. Rotor carries the following imprint: VAP15 5500 TM MAX I
    Jersey UK

    Thu Dec 29 2016
    bkme007 at gmail.com
    Parts required
    ABG VAP.4 serial 133195 VAP 4
    Magneto flywheel required

    Wed Dec 28 2016
    ms.oddny at gmail.com
    VAP 630
    Can't find a 630 here so I send a picture of mine. It`s under restoration after many years outdoors. I think this is the only one in Norway. Believed to be a 1952 model if it is the original and I belive it is. You can find some more
    information and other "knallerts" under restoration here:
    www.dieselbesta.com. It`s in Norwegian, but pictures can tell.

    Fri Apr 29 2011

    vap 4
    volante magnetico vap 4
    preciso do volante magnético - alguém tem?

    Wed Nov 21 2007
    crozoneric at yahoodot com
    info on vap
    1959 vap motorcycle
    looking for info on 59 vap motorcycle not solex type actual motorcycle 3 speed .

    Sun Aug 26 2007
    French manual ABG VAP4 engine
    ABG, VAP4

    I have today scanned a french manual of the ABG VAP4 engine: 
    The manual is about 16Mb, and I don't have the possibility to host the file, but if you like and have space, feel free to download it an put your site 

    Best regards
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Many thanks to Mikael for his generosity.

    Fri Oct 06 2006
    paulandval at bridgestock.freeserve.co.uk

    Hi. I have just purchased a non running but complete Vap motorcycle.  It looks very similar to a solex with the engine over the front wheel.  The engine is marked as 'made in France' and I am told that they were actually made in Paris but other than than I have no information. Does anybody have any information on this please? Thanks Paul
    Lincolnshire, Engand

    Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005
    subject: vap 4
    Email: jphcheron at yahoo dot com
    message: Hello.
    I see the book 'pourquoi pedaler' about vap4.
    Do you sell it or a copy.

    March 19, 2001
    Here are pictures of a VAP motor I also own. I have information on this bike as well if anyone needs it.
    Zach Sagurs -- zjsagurs at ibl.bm

    If you have information or a query about VAP cyclemotors please contact us