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Brown-Bicar was a motorcycle produced from 1907 to 1913.

Very few of these machines were either built or sold - even in the United States, where they were constructed under licence. This was probably in part due to the unusual feature, in the Edwardian era, of an enclosed engine, something which was relativley rare until the 1980s. The engines were rated at 3hp for the single and 5hp for the V-twin.

The machine was displayed at the 1908 Stanley Show

Stanley Show 1910
J. T. Brown and Sons, Reading. Stand No. 269.

The Midget bi-cars will be shown in three models on this stand, in Standard, De Luxe, and an open-frame type. All models will be fitted with 34 H.P. Precision engines, Brown and Barlow carburetters, Druid forks, Eisemann magnetos, Dunlop belts, etc.

J. T. Brown and Sons.

Reading. Stand No. 269, Annexe.
The Midget Bi-car is a motor-cycle with a personality. It is in appearance quite distinct from the majority, and by its claims commends itself to the notice of riders who require something different from the standard type. The open frame type, suitable for either lady or gentleman, has all its parts enclosed, thus giving protection from dust and wet, while presenting a decidedly neat appearance. This machine is handled as a car, by means of the automatic variable pulley, and free engine device. The engine fitted is a 3.75 H.P. "Precision," equipped with B. and B. carburetter and Eisemann magneto, and the machine is completed with Druid spring forks, Dunlop tyres and belt, and Brooks saddle. A neat side-car is also shown.

Olympia Show, November 1910

Note: from 1905 until 1912, the machine was also known as the Midget Bicar.

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