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Gustavus Green

Green were motorcycles produced in 1909 and 1921 by Gustavus Green of Berners Street, London.

  • 1909 Gustavus Green had been building water-cooled engines since 1905, but in 1909 he offered complete machines fitted with his special cylinder with ohv and a copper radiator on either side. A divided tank formed the top member of the frame, with the front section carrying excess water. Belt driven, it was fitted with Druid forks.
  • There was then a gap of many years when Gustavus and his son, Charles, were involved with the Regal-Green make, who fitted their water-cooled engine up to the war and keeping th ov and 499cc capacity. Gustavus then went on to become involved with engine design for aircraft and motor gunboats during World War I, before retiring to concentrate on advanced ideas in horology and photography.
  • 1921 The Green motorcycle appeared once more in the form of a 3½ hp water-cooled machine in its pre-war form. This was probably for stock clearance purposes.

Sources: Graces Guide

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