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The Antwerp-based company supplied engines to many early motorcycle manufacturers in the United Kingdom, among them BSA, Chater-Lea, New Hudson and OK Supreme. Longer list here: Minerva of Belgium

1903. D. Citroen of 45. Holborn Viaduct, London. E. C. advertised Minerva Motors, 2 HP Standard Size. Also 1¼ Romania for vertical position and 2¼ Minerva (1902 pattern)

Minerva Twin-cylinder model for 1908

The twln-cylinder 4 1/2 h.p. Minerva, which for 1908 has been improved in many respects.
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Stanley Show, 1907

Minerva Motors, Ltd.
(Stand 118).

As may be expected, the show of Minerva Motors, Ltd., is a distinctly fine one. The chief features this year are the torpedo-shaped tanks, which hold two and a quarter gallons of petrol. In the case of the 3 1/2 h.p., a new type of Eisemann high-tension magneto is fitted, in which the high-tension winding is carried on the armature, there being no separate coil. Thus the exposed wiring has been reduced to a minimum, diminishing the risk of the short circuits and also rendering the ignition apparatus much more compact. The standard carburetter for 1908 is the G. and A., which is entirely automatic, the air being delivered in correct proportion to the gas by different sized balls being drawn up by the suction of the engine.

Another innovation is the fitting of a petrol strainer, which is a small yet important detail. In the case of the twin, to which accumulator ignition is fitted, there is an ingenious arrangement consisting of terminals carried outside the case, on to which semi-circular springs are screwed. The ends of these springs are drilled, and the holes fit on to the terminals of the accumulator, so that when the case is closed these springs serve not only as electrical connections, but also serve to hold the accumulators firmly in position. The handle-bar controlled contact breaker is also a decided improvement, and ...

Stanley Show 1907
The Motor Cycle November 1907.

Minerva 1908

Minerva 3½ h.p. model fitted up complete ready for the road.

Stanley Show, 1908

Minerva Motors, Ltd.

40 Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C. Stand No. 115.

There is but little alteration in Minerva machines for the coming season. Prices have been lowered all round, and are now, 2¾ H.P., £36; 3½ H.P., £37; 4½ H.P. , £45; 8 H.P. , £48 10s. All machines are now fitted with Bosch magneto as a standard, and accumulator ignition is now only supplied to special order. The back wheel band-brake can be applied either by back-pedalling or by a small pedal placed close, to the foot-rest, so it earn always be applied instantly whichever position the foot may be in. The Minerva, was one of the very first reliable motor-bicycles on the market, and it has always maintained its original high reputation. We consider that the machines on this stand are typical of the best standard type of motor-bicycle, for they have all up-to-date features, are well made and finished, and are quite free from anything which could be described as faddy.

Stanley Show 1908
Cycle and Motor Trades Review, 1908.

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